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What its all about

Acheev is all about simple no-nonsense achievement guides, with a focus on being interactive and data driven - to make it as quick and easy as possible to find out what you need to do while playing.

What it's not

Guides here are not full game walkthroughs and should avoid any material not directly related to achieving the achievements.

Guides here should just explain how to get the achievement - and be specific enough to describe whatever you as a player need to do - but should not give any back story or other context unless its directly related to getting the achievement.

Similarly, while some spoilers are inevitable, they should be avoided. Guides should be specific, but should omit unnecessary spoiler-like detail. E.g. this is bad...

"Just after you kill both your parents and reveal that actually the sky is purple - then cross the bridge and turn left to look under the box for the collectible".

This is better:

"In Chapter 9, about 10 minutes in, cross the bridge and turn left to look under the box for the collectible"


Because you're playing the game. This site exists for if you enjoy getting achievements as part of your enjoyment of the game - whether to feel like you've experienced everything the game has to offer or whether you just gotta catch 'em all.