Achievement properties



Do a specific thing; kill a particular kind of enemy, or complete an optional mission.

Do all the things

Complete all (or at least X of) a number of things. I.e. "get a kill with every type of weapon" or "drive every kind of Porsche".


Collect all the collectibles.


Do the same thing at least X number of times.


Completion of a map or chapter in the primary story/campaign/progression mechanism in the game. Usually these achievements will also be unmissable.



It is impossible not to get these on your way to completing the game. Don't worry about these achievements; you will definitely get them!


You must make special effort to get these, and if you miss them you will need to replay the whole game (or at least substantial portions of it) again to get another chance.


You must make special effort to get these, and if you miss them you will need to replay at least some of the game to get it (e.g. redo a mission, use chapter select, etc). I.e. missing these costs time but doesn't require you to replay the whole game.


You must make special effort to get these, but won't need to replay more than one chapter/map to get a 2nd chance.

Mutually exclusive

Playing the game to get these achievements means you have to take a path that means you cannot get another. Usually this means a branching part of the game's story. You may need to replay some or all of the game to take the other path(s) to get the other achievements. Check the guide notes for details.



Can be achieved in single-player and/or multi-player!


Can only be achieved in the single-player portion of the game.


Can only be achieved in a synchronous multiplayer session; i.e. while other people are online with you at the same time in the same game session.


Not glitched

No known issues unlocking the achivement.

Partially glitched

Unlocking may be buggy; the achievement may not unlock when it should because of bugs in the game. Be careful when approaching these achievements and check the guide notes for how to make sure you get it.


Impossible to obtain the achievement; either it is completely broken - or has been disabled (e.g. do-it-while-game-is-still-in-beta, or the relevant part of the game is not available yet)

Previously glitched

Glitched or unobtainable in the past, but subsequently patched and now works correctly.

Platform notes


As far as we're aware, it is not possible to retrieve progress against an achievement (e.g. 301/500 kills) through the Steam API, so this can't be automatically tracked or displayed. A future update to this site will allow manual tracking (similarly to checkboxes) so you can keep track more easily.

Similarly, descriptions for hidden achievements is also not retrievable over the API, so this is not present where a game's only source of achievement data is Steam. If we also have the game tracked on Xbox, the descriptions will be sourced from there.


Why is this site better than X, Y or Z achievement site?

You tell me...

No seriously, we think this is the only site that aggregates guides and profile sync across all the major gaming networks *and* provides easy tracking for "get a kill with every gun" type of achievement which are otherwise hard to get because you have to print/write/record each gun that you got a kill with. (to be clear, you still have to tick a box here - but at least here its all in one contextual place, saved automatically, accessible across devices with your login, and has a history/log for checking).

My older Xbox 360/classic games don't show, what's up?

Yeah they aren't supported. For Xbox sync, only Xbox One-era games are supported. Maybe we'll add support for the older ones sometime in future.

Can I manually add a game I own?

No, sorry. Part of the point of the site is to provide leaderboards, scores, rarity info on achievements, etc. This is impossible if we can't reliably track what achievements you have.

Plus, you are encouraged to request Editor status so that you can contribute guide information for games you own - part of the security/anti-spam measures is that you have to have an account with a gaming network in good standing that shows that you own a game to be able to contribute content for it.

Please add support for Origin/Google Play Games/uPlay/etc/etc/etc

Yeah, we'd love to! But we can't unless the network themselves provide an API. Otherwise its against their terms of service to scrape their site for your profile/achievement data. We like playing their games too so would really rather not be banned!

Ofc feel free to get in touch with Origina/Google/Ubi/etc to ask them to publish APIs for user profile and achievement data, that'd be great...

My profile is private and it won't sync...

Yeah, you need it to not be private...