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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Achievement guide & roadmap

Guide & roadmap

As is typical with big open-world RPGs, expect 150+ hours for 100% - especially for some of the grinds.

Be careful for all the missable achievements; you'll need to play the whole game as a pacifist virgin to get them all! On that note, some of the achievements are technically mutually exclusive (you can't get the courting achievements in the same game as the Virgin achievement). So use your saves; do the courting ones and reload to revert that and remain a virgin in your active save. The same applies to some others - see the notes in each achievement for details.

To get everything in one playthrough, bear in mind the following until the end of the story:

  • don't kill anybody, for Merciful
  • never have sex, for Virgin
  • don't get caught doing crime, for King Charming
  • do all side-quests, for Completionist
  • don't fail the "In God's Hand" side-quest, as this will void Talmberger later in the game.

You can carry on playing after the story to grind out the other achievements, for killing and most likely for Scrooge and David Horak too.

Be sure to do all side quests as soon as they appear, in case other actions cause them to be subsequently unavailable (it is not yet known if this can happen, but feels likely).

While playing through, work to max your Speech skill, for Bard and to help avoid combat for Merciful. Keep haggling on everything to grind toward Haggler, keep hold of money to get Scrooge, and steal stuff for Thief (just don't get caught!)


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