MONOPOLY PLUS achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Good Start

Own your first property


Build your first house

Lucky Draw

Get more than M100 thanks to a card

Pole Position

Be the first player to start

Bargain Master

Get a property for at least 10% less than its original price (Auction)

The Master

Win a game


Build your first hotel


Get one property of each color

Great Income

Collect a rent payment of more than M700


Collect a rent during your first turn

Out of Stock

See the bank run out of houses

Now We Can Play

Build an hotel on each property of at least 2 colour sets during the same game

Your Way

Win a game using one “House Rule”

Business Master

Complete two color sets in one trade


Win a 6-player game (in local multiplayer)