Divinity: Original Sin 2 achievement guide & roadmap


Creds: Guide info & details reproduced with permission from the excellent guide by OscarMayerWinner here:

One of the best RPGs of all time. And as you'd expect for a huge CRPG, the achievements are complex and varied, with a bunch of missable ones and a bunch of mutually exclusive ones (where in the same playthrough you can get one but not another, unless you mess with reloading saves).


Single and multi-player

Difficulty DOES affect achievements

5 missable achievements (plus 66 unknown)

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Reaper's Eye

Story, Unmissable,

Arrive at Reaper's Eye

Chapter 2: Island of Fort Joy

Thunders of the Upper Deep

Story, Missable,

Escape the kraken's clutches

Chapter 1: The Merryweather

Get off the boat quickly, at the beginning of the game.


Objective, Optional,

Perform a successful theft


Objective, Optional,

Win a persuasion event

The Great Escape

Story, Unmissable,

Flee Fort Joy for good

Chapter 2: Island of Fort Joy

Walk at Liberty

Remove your Source Collar


Objective, Optional,

Use your first Source Skill

Spira, Spera

Story, Unmissable,

Arrive at the Sanctuary of Amadia

Chapter 2: Island of Fort Joy

Abound with Blessings

Face a higher power

A Good and Faithful Servant

Rescue Gareth from Braccus' Armoury


His Father's Son

Story, Unmissable,

Defeat Alexandar in Fort Joy

Chapter 2: Island of Fort Joy

The Weird Sister


Become champion of the Fort Joy arena

Sails That Glance in the Sun

Story, Unmissable,

Take command of the Lady Vengeance

Chapter 3: Lady Vengeance

Heaven's Gate

Story, Unmissable,

Enter the Hall of Echoes

Chapter 3: Lady Vengeance

A Million of Waves

Story, Unmissable,

Chapter 4: Reapers Coast

The Meistr

Story, Unmissable,

Meet Meistr Siva

Chapter 4: Reapers Coast


Objective, Optional,

Equip runes to all of an item's available slots


Escape Dallis' siege on the Lady Vengeance without killing every minion

Cat's Out of the Bag!

Took a Great Fall

Scholar of Secret Arts

Welcome Tarquin to the Seekers' service

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Help free Mari from the Voidwoken


Grind, Optional,

Unlock your second Source Point slot

Criminal Intent

Objective, Optional,

Get caught breaking the law

Spirit Animal

Objective, Optional,

Speak to an animal's spirit

Cur of Low Degree


Grind, Optional,

Unlock your third Source Point slot

Arcane Author

Objective, Optional,

Craft a scroll

Proud Parent

Isle of the Gods


Become champion of the Driftwood Arena


Objective, Optional,

Craft a skill

Island Hopper

Story, Unmissable,

Arrive at the Nameless Isle

Chapter 5: Nameless Isle

Kiss of the Spider Woman


Lawyer Up

Back to School

Story, Unmissable,

Enter the Academy

Chapter 5: Nameless Isle

Get In The Ring

Story, Unmissable,

Enter The Arena of the One

Chapter 5: Nameless Isle

The Wreck of the Titan

Arrive at Arx

What's in a Name?

Existential Crisis

The Good Doctor

Iniquity Forgiven

Lair of the White Worm

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Escort Saheila outside without fighting the Lone Wolves


Objective, Optional,

Craft a grenade


The Back Door

Doctor: Heal Thyself

The Abysmal Sea

Story, Unmissable,

Defeated the Kraken

Chapter 6: Arx


Story, Missable,

Complete the game in Explorer Mode


Serious Academic

Toy Story

Over to the Farther Coast

Death in the Pot

Cat Person

Rescue Arhu

A Song Unsung


A Nest on High


Story, Missable,

Complete the game in Classic Mode



All-Father, Life-Shaper

One For All

An Apple a Day



Venture Forth

Objective, Optional,

Successfully begin a match in Arena Mode

Supreme Sacrifice

Favoured Son

Gather Your Party

Objective, Optional,

Successfully begin a Game Master session

A Wolf Avenged

Furious Rebuke

The Seven Altars

Pray at every altar on the Nameless Isle

Return of the King


Stay Grounded


Story, Missable,

Complete the game in Tactician Mode

Difficulty achievement, they stack so completing in Tacticion will also unlock {{Godwoken}} and {{Sourcerer}}


Deal with the Devil

Curse Thine Enemies

Objective, Optional,

Use the Curse skill


The Promise


The Adventure Begins...

Eternal Salvation

Puritan's Walk

Demon's Embrace

Fool Me Once

Angel and Demon

A Dream Undone

Technical Eggstacy

For Honour

Story, Missable,

Complete the game in Honour Mode

The end

The Isle of Last Resort