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4 missable achievements

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Gila's Monsters


Eliminate all the monsters in Gila's basement.

Once you defeated the boss and got the evil bell, go back to the village and got to the house with the person called Gila lives. Talk to him and he will ask you to go down his basement. Once you do go down make sure you go to the wall where a message will come up. Use your evil bell on the wall and the wall should collapse and monster should start coming out. Behind the crack wall is a large area where monster will keep on spawning. Keep on killing the monsters until the monster stop spawning. Once you did this go into the next area (keep on going straight) and there should be 2 or 3 monsters in this area. Kill them and unlock this achievement.

Darm It!

Story, Unmissable,

Complete Ys II on any difficulty.

You will need to complete the game on any difficulty. If you complete the game on nightmare you will still get this achievement.

Revenge of Sworded Details


Receive a free Short Sword.

Make sure you do not buy a sword once you start your play through. If you leave the area with first village and go out to the ruins, go east and then go up. If you see 2 giant rock monsters then carry on going up through the path way and you should find an old man who will give you a free sword and this achievement will trigger.



Max out your money.

This is easy to complete if you are doing the "Demon Duster" achievement.

Notorious A.C.


Completely fill the character notebook.

When you get into any town, go and talk to everyone. No one in the game is really hidden anywhere. Just make sure you did a couple of sweeps around each village. Some people will disappear later on in the game but you can see them again after you do some stuff.

Keep the Doctor Away


Scatter apples violently across the floor, most likely bruising them horribly.

This is pretty simple. When you go into the hospital, the place where you see Nurse Sarina and Leonor, you should see a counter with apples on it. Walk through it and you should get this achievement with bruised apples.

What the Legends Don't Tell You


Burn 50 villagers.

You will need fire magic for this. Once you got it from the mines, go to the village and start attacking them with fire balls. You can attack 1 person 50 times to get this achievement if you don't feel like attacking 50 villagers with fireballs.

Bill the Duck


Receive money from a duck.

You will need to have 5 gifts to do this one. In the first village, give 5 gifts to a man called Brody(he should be inside a house). He will say stuff like he doesn't have anything for you but once you give all the gifts he will tell you that the ducks eat anything and they sometimes eat gold. After you done this, go north east to find these ducks and run into all of them. A message will say you got 500 gold coins and the achievement will come up too.

And Your Children's Children


Slaughter ten generations of gatekeeper.

Once you get the silver equipment, go back to the gate keepers and kill them 10 times. Use time magic to help.

Timestop Understanding


Ensure that Maria is not amused.

This one is pretty simple. Once you first meet Maria, use the time magic and she will not be amused. Also you get this achievement.

Where's Aldow?


Find and speak with Aldow.

Once you get that roo magic, go back to the mines and get yourself into the area where you found that evil bell. Talk to the first monster and he will be aldow and that’s how you get this achievement.

Personal Trainer

Objective, Missable,

Raise Tarf to max level.

When you find Tarf and him we be with you until you get to the village. Give him flowers and apples. Keep giving it to him and he will increase to level 2. Now he can chuck stones at enemies. Use the roo magic to block to prevent the enemy from attacking tarf while tarf throws his stones at them. As he levels up, the easier it is for him to kill them. His max level is 25 i believe but he does level up very quickly.

No Reservations


Receive and eat four unique homemade food items.

You will need to give about 3- 5 gifts but I can't remember how much from each person so just give them gifts until they give you their food
1. Give gifts to Lucy and she will give you meat pie.
2. Give gifts to Theo and he will give you smoking meat.
3. Give gifts to Nash after you saved Tarf and he will give you raw meat.
4. Give enough gifts to zalem and she will give you a Cranberry pie
Eat all the food and then you pinged the achievement. If you want the food again, Theo and nash will give you their food if you give gifts again. For Lucy and zalem you need to attack them first.

Police Are On Their Way

Objective, Missable,

"Measure" Tarf.

Make sure you back track the area where you found that iron ore in that little gap. Push tarf into the end of the alley to get this achievement and also he will say something about being squashed. If he gets stuck, ram him down that alley using fire magic.



Oh God make them go away!

Once you defeated Druegar (first boss in the shrine) go back to the ruins and if you go north east again, a little further up from the place where the rock monsters are and you can see Mosquitoes flying around in the air. Try to get close to them and they will slowly but surely follow you. Slowly walk down to get to the village and make sure they are following. Just before you go across to the Mosquitoes are there, right next to you. When you cross over you should get a message saying something about the Mosquitoes not being in pursuit no more. Then you will get you well deserve achievement.

Juuuuust Right


Sleep in three women's beds.

1. Talk to Lillia right from the start of the game. Then go to the house you started in and walk upto her bed. Make sure you are holding down the button to make your character move. After a second a message will come up saying if you want to sleep in the bed.
2. When you go to Zalem's store, talk to her first then buy something. Once you done this, go to her bed and do the same as above to prompt the message to sleep in her bed.
3. Right at the end talk to Maria when you are going to fight the final boss. Once you done this, go all the way back to her house and sleep in her bed.

The Hand That Feeds Them


Make all the animals in Ramia Village absolutely adore you.

There are 4 animals in this village.
1 cat- the cat lives in some guy’s house. Feed it raw and cooked meat. If you need to, go back to Theo and Nash to and give some more gifts to them. They will always give you their meat if you have none.
1 goat- feed it herbs and cranberry
2 rams- feed it herbs and cranberry
If the achievement haven't pinged, keep giving food to all the animals until it does.

Note: To save time buying/finding the items and feeding them to the animals you can save the game then feed the items to the animals. Then reload and feed it to the next animal. This allows you to please each animal once for every reload instead of making them all happy which saves you your items

Demon Duster


Unlock all details for all non-boss bestiary entries.

This is can be done if you get the bestiary potion. You can get this potion by finding a mattock in the shrine(use faqs if you can't find it) and then go over to the area where you see a chest which has no entrance(not the one guarded). You should see a crack on the wall. Use the mattock and collect the Bestiary potion. You need to defeat the same monster many times and you have to keep on checking if you got all information from the monster in your notes.

Fireball Wizard


Complete Ys II Time Attack.

If you complete the game then time attack is available. If you completed the game on nightmare mode then this should be a walk through the park.

A Legend Is Born


Complete Ys II on Nightmare difficulty.

You will need to complete this on nightmare. I advise you to take some parts slowly and save often. Also try to look for every equipment as this will be a major help to do this. Also if you are stuck on a boss, look it up on YouTube to see what strategies people use to defeat them.

Set Sail For New Adventure


Master every achievement in Ys II.

Congrats! BTW original guide Author is AreaQ on Steam.