DiRT Rally achievement guide & roadmap (Xbox)



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Nailed It!

Objective, Optional,

Rolled your car, landed on your wheels and carried on.


Objective, Optional,

Bought a Rally car.

Mondays Be Likeā€¦

Objective, Optional,

Crashed your car so badly it ended your rally.

How You Like Me Now?

Objective, Optional,

Changed your livery.


Objective, Optional,

Unlocked an upgrade for one of your cars.

It's Gonna Cost Ya

Objective, Optional,

Hired an Engineer to a work in your Service Area.

Absolutely Brilliant

Objective, Optional,

Finished a Stage with the fastest time in Championships.

Business at the Front...

Objective, Optional,

Fully upgraded a FWD vehicle.

...Party at the Back

Objective, Optional,

Fully upgraded a RWD vehicle.

The Fun Starts Here

Competed in an Event in PVP.

So Serious

Completed a Joker Lap in PVP without losing a position.

Going up in the World

Bought a Hillclimb car.

Hot Coffee

Objective, Optional,

Applied a Perk to an Engineer.

I Am the 5%

Objective, Optional,

Won a Rally event in headcam.

Good Spot

When the spotter recommended you take the Joker on the first lap, you did and won the race.

Whose House?

Won an Online Custom Championship in PVP.

Faster Chief

Grind, Optional,

Unlocked the Crew Chief's 5th level of skills.

Little Light

Objective, Optional,

Won a Night Stage in Championships.

Moar Wheel Drive

Objective, Optional,

Fully upgraded a 4WD vehicle.

Easier Said than Done

Objective, Optional,

Finished in the Top Tier of an Online Event.


Fully upgraded a Rallycross car.

Any Given Sunday

Objective, Optional,

Completed a Weekly Event.

Racing Stripes

Scored 200 heats points in a Championship Rallycross event (fastest in all 4 heats).

Investment Vehicle

Won an Event in PvP with a car that you own.

Full House

Objective, Optional,

Hired Engineers into every slot in your Service Area.


Finished in the Top Tier of the Owners Club Daily in Online Events.


Grind, Optional,

Fully upgraded a vehicle in four different vehicle classes.

Take Your Pick

Won a Hillclimb Stage where both of your Run times are faster than any other.

Genius at Play

Objective, Optional,

Achieved a Team Rating of 70.

Circuit Trained

Finished in the top tier of a Rallycross Online Event.


Completed a Season in Leagues.


Objective, Optional,

Filled three of an Engineer's Perk Slots.

The Only Way Is Up

Finished in the Top Tier of a Hillclimb Daily in Online Events.

Monster Energy Supercharge Award

You were first into the first turn in the Final of an FIA World RallyX Event.

Spirit of the Rally

Objective, Optional,

Finished an event after heavily damaging three or more components.

Damn This Kid Is Good

Won the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Propane & Propane Accessories

Won a Championship in a Hillclimb vehicle.


Objective, Optional,

Completed a Monthly Event.

Does Your Mother Know?

Objective, Optional,

Won a Championship in a 1970s vehicle.

Pass the Sauce Ari

Fully upgraded the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2.

Fire Spitting Monsters

Won a Championship in a Group B 4WD vehicle.

A Whole Lot of Cheddar

Won the maximum return on your stake in a Wager Event in Online Events.

Born to Run

Objective, Optional,

Became Champion at Masters level in Championships.

Self Made Millionaire

Earned a total of 1,000,000CR in Custom Championships.

When Jon Met Paul

Objective, Optional,

Won an Event in the Subaru Impreza 1995 with the DiRT 3 livery applied.

DiRTy Dancer

Won an Event at Pikes Peak (Mixed Surface) in the Peugeot 405 T16 Pikes Peak.

So Last Year

Objective, Optional,

Won a Championship in a 2010s vehicle.

Hello? Is It Me You R Looking 4?

Won a Championship in an R4 vehicle.


Won a Championship in a 2000s vehicle.

Maximum Attack

Objective, Optional,

Won every stage on a 12 stage event with all assists off.