Microsoft Mahjong achievement guide & roadmap (Xbox)



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Quick Thinker

Made 5 matches in under 15 seconds.

Little Wingman

Made 100 matches.

The Fun Begins

Completed a Puzzle

Turtle Tamer

Completed the Turtle puzzle layout for the first time.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Changed Themes

Go Wild

Made three consecutive matches with wild tiles.

Little Help Please

Completed an entire puzzle using the "Show Available Tiles" option.

Mighty Matchmaker

Made 1,000 matches.

Came To Play

Played your first Daily Challenge

Came To Win

Won your first Daily Challenge

Hat Trick

Matched three identical pairs in a row

Mahjong Pro

Completed a Hard Puzzle

Faster Than Fast

Completed the Match Attack Daily Challenge with at least 1 minute left on the clock.

Speed Runner

Completed a puzzle in under 3 minutes.

True Expertise

Completed four different puzzles in the expert category.

You're Basically Cupid

Made 10,000 matches.

Photo Finish

Completed a puzzle within three turns after using a reshuffle.

Tail End

Completed Nautilus Puzzle without using a shuffle or undo.

Speed Player

Completed an expert puzzle in five minutes or less

Dragon Slayer

Completed the Dragon puzzle without using a reshuffle or undo.

Close Call

Matched a pair of lightning tiles with only 1 move left before they explode.

Save The Best For Last

Cleared the board with golden tiles being the last match on the board.


Completed the tutorial.

Can't Win

Reached "No More Moves" three games in a row on three different puzzles.

All The Right Moves

Completed 10 puzzles on Hard difficulty without using a reshuffle or undo.

Gimme Five

Played the Daily Challenge 5 days in a row

Diamonds are Forever

Won a diamond Daily Challenge badge

Force Of Habit

Completed the same puzzle 20 times

Well Travelled

Completed a puzzle while using each of four different themes.

Strive for Perfection

Completed every Daily Challenge in a month

Zen Master

Completed 4 expert puzzles using the Tranquility theme.

Go for the Silver

Won 10 silver Daily Challenge badges

Go for the Bronze

Won 12 bronze Daily Challenge badges

Go for the Gold

Won 8 gold Daily Challenge badges

Wind Waker

Using the Tranquility theme, matched the following tiles in sequince N, E, S, W

On Second Thought

After reaching "No more moves", undo at least 10 moves in a row and then completed the puzzle


Came back each day of an entire month and completed at least one Daily Challenge

The Real Tail End

Completed Nautilus Puzzle where the last match made contains a tile from the tail end of the spiral

Space Train

Completed the Train puzzle using the Cosmos theme 5 times

Climbing The Food Chain

Completed the following puzzles in sequence: Butterfly, Turtle, Ray, Dragon