Kingdom Come: Deliverance achievement guide & roadmap (Steam)


As is typical with big open-world RPGs, expect 150+ hours for 100% - especially for some of the grinds.

Be careful for all the missable achievements; you'll need to play the whole game as a pacifist virgin to get them all! On that note, some of the achievements are technically mutually exclusive (you can't get the courting achievements in the same game as the {{Virgin}} achievement). So use your saves; do the courting ones and reload to revert that and remain a virgin in your active save. The same applies to some others - see the notes in each achievement for details.

To get everything in one playthrough, bear in mind the following until the end of the story:

  • don't kill anybody, for {{Merciful}}
  • never have sex, for {{Virgin}}
  • don't get caught doing crime, for {{King Charming}}
  • do all side-quests, for {{Completionist}}
  • don't fail the "In God's Hand" side-quest, as this will void {{Talmberger}} later in the game.

You can carry on playing after the story to grind out the other achievements, for killing and most likely for {{Scrooge}} and {{David Horak}} too.

Be sure to do all side quests as soon as they appear, in case other actions cause them to be subsequently unavailable (it is not yet known if this can happen, but feels likely).

While playing through, work to max your Speech skill, for {{Bard}} and to help avoid combat for {{Merciful}}. Keep haggling on everything to grind toward {{Haggler}}, keep hold of money to get {{Scrooge}}, and steal stuff for {{Thief}} (just don't get caught!)


Single-player only

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

16 missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

Guide 40% complete - please help finish it


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Blacksmith's Son

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've completed the first quest.


Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You saved Theresa from the Cumans.


Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've joined Sir Radzig's garrison.


Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You saved Lord Capon from the Cumans.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You've been full to bursting for two days.


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You got drunk with the parish priest.

In the main quest "Mysterious Ways", get drunk with Father Godwin (the priest).

Doing this will invalidate {{Virgin}}.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've walked more than 50 Km.


Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You killed Runt.

In the main quest "Baptism of Fire".


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've saved up 5,000 Groschen.

Bad Trip

Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

Dance with the Devil. Father Godwin in Uzhitz will give you a side quest "Playing with the Devil" - complete it! High Speech skill will help with this!

Completing this quest will void {{Virgin}}


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You've starved for three days.


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You had a romantic affair with Theresa the millmaid.

Court Theresa - it doesn't matter whether you save her at the beginning of the game or not.

Doing this will invalidate Virgin - so reload your save after.

To do this, during "Keeping the Peace" you'll talk to someone called Nightingale to unlock the side quest "Courtship" - complete it!


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You seduced your Lord's lady wife.

Court Stephanie - again you'll have to reload after doing this to still be valid for Virgin.

After the main quest "Awakening", go back to Talmberg and talk to Stephanie to get the side quest "At Your Service, My Lady" - complete this, try the short on and you get to court her and get the achievement!


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You haven't slept for two days and nights.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You've spent three days in prison.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've read twenty books.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've stolen things with a total value of 30,000 Groschen.

Shops are the easiest to rob for this. Save first, so you can reload if you get caught - getting caught will invalidate {{King Charming}}.


All-the-things, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've discovered all the locations on the map.

You'll get this naturally by completing the game, don't worry about it. But the locations are listed below anyway...

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Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You burned to death in the first quest. Congratulations!

Get put in kail in Skalitz. Do this at the very start of the game; steal food from a food stall where someone can see you - a guard will come arrest you, surrender, say you have no money and accept imprisonment...

NB will invalidate {{King Charming}} - so reload a save after doing this.


Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've become a monk.


Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

The Vranik encampment has been conquered.


Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You found out who your real father is.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You've saved 2,000 Groschen by haggling.

Just make sure you haggle and get at least something off every time you buy something. You may need to mop this up post story.

Plague Doctor

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You healed all the sick in Merhojed.

Complete the "Pestilence" side quest.


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You saved Ginger from the bandits.

Save Ginger from the bandits - in the main quest "Ginger in a Pickle". Key points:

  • agree to kill the bandits
  • return, and pick "Just go there and see what happens"
  • travel back, finish the quest, then...
  • skip time for 24 hours so Ginger spawns in Neuhof
  • talk to Ginger to get the achievement

The End

Story, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You finished the main story line.

Serial Killer

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've killed 200 people.

Robber Baron

Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You drove Wolflin out of the province.

Complete Robber Baron side quest.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You won the Talmberg horse race.

Complete the side quest "The Sport of Kings".


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've bagged fifty animals.

Kingdom did not come


You've ensured the renewal of Pribyslavitz.

Death by Splinter

Henry suffered a mortal splinter wound during swordplay with you.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You've reached the maximum Speech level.

Get the speech stat to level 20. Pick the speech stat when you start the game for 2 free levels - then just talk to as many people as possible as much as possible through the game. This skill will be useful for getting {{Merciful}} too.


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You sabotaged all three planned executions.

Sabotage all three executions.


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You did everything you could in the siege of Talmberg.

Complete all Optional Objectives in the Siege quest.

You mustn't fail the "In God's Hand" side quest - easiest if you don't touch that side quest until you get to the Siege main quest.

Woman's Lot

You played Theresa's story out to the bitter end.


Objective, Missable, Partially glitched, Anywhere,

You found out about Erik's past.

Some reports this is glitched since 1.3 and won't pop even with max strength.

Master Huntsman

Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You've become the Talmberg Master Huntsman.

Become the Talmberg Huntsman. Talk to the Huntsman vendor in Talmberg and take the side quest "Hare Hunt" - go to the Inn in the Glade, talk to the innkeeper and take the sidequest "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing". At the end, you must side with Hanekin Hare, he will give sidequest "Cherchez la Femme", at the end choose to become the new Huntsmand and you'll finally have it!

Chivalrous Soul

You ensured a timely raid on the mill to rescue the girls there, even at the cost of a risky fight.

Arena Master

Everyone recognises you at first sight as the Rattay tourney champion.

Level Cap

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've reached the maximum level.

Level 20 - you'll need level 20 in all 4 stats to get this. You should get to 18 ish by doing the story and side quests.


All the survivors have been rescued.

Mercenary's Honour

Even men who fight for coin have their honour. You succeeded in reminding Kuno of his.


You tracked down the raiders who attacked the farm.

Stealth Killer

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've killed twenty enemies by stealth.

You need stealth level 5 to get the "Stealth Kill" perk - and a dagger equipped. City guards and other non-hostiles don't count.


Grind, Missable, Anywhere,

You've completed all quests.


You've made Pribyslavitz the richest village in the province.

I Can Quit Anytime

You won the dice tournament in the robber baron's camp.


Objective, Unmissable, Anywhere,

You've won 1,000 Groschen at dice.

King Charming

Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

People love you everywhere you go.

You need to be nice, and not get caught committing any crime through the whole story. After the story go mad...

Edward Kelly

All-the-things, Optional, Anywhere,

You've brewed fifteen types of potion.

Easiest after the story; the recipes will be unlocked automatically by then. You can keep track of which you've done already in-game as well.

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Friends without benefits

David Horak

Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've collected 10,000 herbs.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've carried out 100 combos.


Grind, Optional, Anywhere,

You've killed 50 enemies with headshots.


Objective, Optional, Anywhere,

You've become addicted to alcohol.

True Friend

Your trust in Lord Capon is indisputable. Or you're an idiot.

Angel of Mercy

You saved Johanka for the most grievous charge of heresy. Now she can live happily with Matthias.

Game Over

The Ring of Bacchus made its way back to Kuno.

Not-so-Christian Burial

You've buried Lev next to his family.


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You've condemned your friends to death.

Betray your friends in the Gallows Brothers quest - should be self-explanatory


You've been of invaluable assistance to the great lover, Sir Hans Capon.

Lord Capon's Ghost

You came, you saw and you took Capon's necklace. Why make an unnecessary fuss?

Christian Burial

You've buried Lev in hallowed ground.

Pinky Promise

You promised Jakey you'd let him go, and you kept your word.

Full House Sinner

You committed every sin Johanka could come up with.

Ledetchko Revenant

You've taken your revenant duties very seriously in your haunting of Ledetchko.

Lost Trinket

You were robbed of the Ring of Bacchus. Tough luck!

You had one job!

You were supposed to play dice, not hang around the outhouse!


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You finished the game as a virgin.

No sex!

As well as making sure not to take the "full package" from any bathhouse, there is a main story quest that can invalidate this too; in Mysterious Ways do not drink with the Priest. (if you do, you will be drunk and he will get you some girls. Bad idea!).


You left Jakey tied to the tree to consider the error of his ways.

Hardcore Henry

You've finished the game in Hardcore Mode.


Like a Ghost

You recovered Pavel's treasure without being discovered by the Cumans.

Infernal Justice

You killed the murderer and threw his body down the same shaft he hid his victims in.

Cleric's Pet

You did your Christian duty and reported to the Inquisitor all the wrongdoing in the province.


Grind, Missable, Anywhere,

You've found all wayside shrines and conciliatory crosses.

You must find 90 conciliatory crosses or shrines. There are way more than 90 in the game - you just have to find 90. They are all on roads, ride with your horse and you'll come across them - you do have to interact with them, just noting the location on your map will not do it!

'Tis but a scratch

You've finished the game in Hardcore Mode with all negative perks.

Bad Girl

You didn't do a single thing your father asked.


You decided to see what Henslin had in his braies without being observed.


Objective, Missable, Anywhere,

You finished the game without killing anyone (except Runt, but he had it coming).

Don't kill anyone (except Runt, who you have to kill to progress the story).

You can use your fists and blunt weapons to just knock people out - just make sure not to kill them. Also go for stealth kills where you can.

You can track # kills in the game stats window - which should stay at zero until Runt, and then 1 from the point you kill him through to the end of the game.