Supraland achievement guide & roadmap (Steam)



No missable achievements (plus 101 unknown)

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Out of bed

Story, Unmissable,

Made your first step

Just walk

The Blues

Find out what they are up to


Unlocked Speed x2

Just once

Not even once? Nothing is being cooked.

Force Cube

Bought a Force Cube


Found a healthbar


Got Health Regeneration Upgrade

Double Jump

Bought Double Jump Upgrade

Triple Jump

Bought Triple Jump Upgrade

Climb the hill

Reached top of the hill


Drive the plot forward

Through the fire pipe

The first secret area in the game


Found Armor

True holy spirit

Infiltrated the unholy spirit

That's how electronics work obviously

1337 Hacker

Holy Sword

Found holy sword upgrade

Force Cube Catapult

Opened the way to the blue crystal


Found Telefrag Upgrade

Freed from prison

Freed yourself with the new gun


Got the Stomp upgrade


Found yourself a shiny new accessoire

All Shells

Found all magic shells


Perfect 5/7 experience

Double Health

Fruits give you double health

Green Keycard

Crafted a green keycard

Rattle Hag

He was just big

Purple Cube

Solved the facility secret puzzle


I can now draw purple lines

Supraball Noob

That ain't gonna impress the ladies

Health Drink

Nom nom


Lots of Muscles

Helped a star

Leave me alone!


Oh no, all my stuff!


Sneaked into Blue Ville

Blue King's lair

Arrived in the throne room, finally...

Got the coins back

So many coins...

Got the gun back

The favourite of all MacGuffins


Nom nom nom nom

Yellow Shot Button

Activated a yellow button

Gold Scam

Scam someone with fake gold

Gold Scam Uncovered

Identified fake gold

Cave Flies

Managed to handle the cave flies


Got your cousins mysterious gun

Fire Flies

Burned some wood

Panic Lights

Made the coward run faster


Learned how to use Ball Momentum

Moon Door

Opened the moon door

Through the tiny pipe



You brought water back to your people

Well deserved

He had it coming...

Super Sword

Moons delivered


All you could ever want...

Invisible Wall

Meet the adventurer at the big blue pipe

Shelf filled

Found all dead heroes

Redstone Pickaxe

How did you even craft this?


Got yourself 2 groupies at home

Poor ancestors

All Spawn Points Destroyed

All Chests

OCD fixed

Jesus Christ Suprastar

Get Mr. Miracle some groupies

The real real teleported man

The Prestige

DLC1: Gotta Jump High

DLC1: Green Bird

DLC1: Gotta Run Fast

DLC1: Crashed

DLC1: Discovering the Globe

DLC1: The palace job

DLC1: Race the First

DLC1: Finding Sideburg

DLC1: Crashed again

DLC1: More Bones!

DLC1: Enough bones!

DLC1: Crashed again (again)

DLC1: Monster Maker

DLC1: Home Invasion

DLC1: No-ball Winner

DLC1: A Wrinkle in Spacetime

DLC1: Welcome to Orangeburg

DLC1: Basement Robbery

DLC1: Rooftop Chase

DLC1: Obvious Area

No one ever hides anything behind a waterfall.

DLC1: Race the Gauntlet

DLC1: Crashed for the final time!

DLC1: City Sprinter

DLC1: South of the wall

DLC1: Crashed for the final time (again)

DLC1: Horticultural


DLC1: A Criminal Revealed

DLC1: Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Wooden Doors

DLC1: Birds

Good to have!

DLC1: Tough Guy, Eh?

DLC1: Knocked him out

DLC1: To the House

DLC1: Thrown

DLC1: The Giant's Workshop

How you're made



DLC1: Rattle them bones

DLC1: Invisible Wall

Fake wall

DLC1: A good cause!

Red coins

DLC1: There he is!

Found you!

DLC1: Shady stick

Fake news

DLC1: Top of the world

North Pole