Rebel Galaxy achievement guide & roadmap (Xbox)



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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A New Friend

Woke Trell

Sweet New Ride

Purchase a new ship

Some Muscle

Hire a mercenary

Bounty Hunter

Collect 10 bounties

On The Go

Trade with a Merchant while in flight

Sure Shot

Destroy 250 Fighter-Class Craft

Capital Breaker

Destroy 100 Capital-Class Craft


Jump out of the first solar system

Card-Carrying Member

Join the Merchant's Guild

The Brass

Become friendly to the Militia

Membership Has Its Privileges

Join the Mercenaries' Guild

Tractor Pull

Gather 200 objects with a tractor beam

Siege Buster

Break 1 blockade

Side Jobs

Complete 50 missions from the mission board

Salvage Job

Salvage 50 Containers

Good Samaritan

Rescue 20 merchants

Cold Hard Cash

Reach a Net Worth of 5 Million Credits

Old Hand

Reach rank 5 in any Guild

Pirate Hunter

Kill 1 Pirate Lord


Purchase a Destroyer-class ship

Progenitor Shard

Find a Progenitor Shard


Find the Face of Gozu

Dusted And Done

Complete the main campaign

Antimatter Speck

Find an Antimatter Speck

Filthy Lucre

Reach a Net Worth of 50 Million Credits


Purchase a Dreadnaught-class ship

Under The Table

Successfully bribe a Militia official

Hardcore Hacker

Hack 10 transponders successfully

Feared Bounty Hunter

Collect 100 bounties

A Pirate's Life

Pirate a merchant

Siege Breaker

Break 10 blockades


Destroy 2,500 Fighter-Class Craft

Capital Smasher

Destroy 1,000 Capital-Class Craft

Torpedo Buster

Shoot down 500 torpedoes

Skull And Crossbones

Become neutral to pirate factions

Miner 49'er

Mine 50 asteroids using a Fault Tracker

Pirate Killer

Kill 20 Pirate Lords