Late Shift achievement guide & roadmap (Steam)



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Cause and Effect

What are the chances?

Fair Share

Split the share 50/50

Even Tempered

Don't fight

Shill Bidder

Defeat the odds

Star-Crossed Lovers

More than just friends?

The Delivery

Reject the offer

The Frenzy

Pull the trigger

Good Karma

The key to friendship

Office Clerk

Take the high road


Don't give in

The Bribe

Accept the offer

The Ploy

Convince Parr it's a fake

The Fool

Fall for the bluff


Enter the wrong code


Don't cross the line

Choices Matter

Find all main chapters

Proficient Storyteller

Watch four endings

The Lion's Den

Go to the Tchois

The Coward

Go home alone

Expert Storyteller

Watch all seven endings