A Walk in the Dark achievement guide & roadmap (Xbox)



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Uh... It's shiny!

Caught your first Shiny

Tougher than your average cat

Led Bast to death 7 times

Agile Kitty

Completed a level under the par time

Impatient Girl

Killed Arielle on her first level while she's descending

Leave me alone!

Disturbed 10 butterflies

Natural Born Killer

Destroyed 30 dandelions

Cat killer

Led Bast to death 100 times

A Walk Outside

Completed all Forest levels

One time only

Completed a Cave level without dying

Apprentice Catcher

Caught 25 Shinies

You monster!

Led Bast to death 1000 times

A Strange World

Completed all Strange World levels

Fast Kitty

Completed 25 levels under the par time

Getting out of the House

Completed all House levels


Cleaned all smoke blocks in a level

Professional Catcher

Caught 50 Shinies

Through the Cave

Completed all Cave levels

Supersonic Kitty

Completed 50 levels under the par time

Master Catcher

Caught 75 Shinies

Spirits Within

Completed all Spirit World levels

Hero Cat

Completed all levels

Got them all!

Caught all 100 Shinies

Bolt Kitty

Completed all timed levels under the par time

Death Cheater

Completed all Cave flipper levels without dying

Completionist Cat

Caught all shinies, completed all timed levels under the par time and all Cave levels without dying

Challenge accepted

Completed all challenge levels

Ninja Cat

Completed all levels in a unique speed run without dying more than 10 times