Crea achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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The Journey Begins

Gain a level

Valiant Effort

Die by a monster

Knowledge Is Power

Fully research a recipe

Tis A Flesh Wound

Die while trying to heal yourself


Clear a Horde Realm


Vanquish a Paragon

Falling With Style

Die by falling

No Longer Alone

Bring an NPC to life

Get Over Here

Grab a monster with a grappler

Dungeon Delver

Complete a dungeon

Lost In Translation

Translate a scroll

Improve Your Core!

Use a remna core


Heal right before lethal damage is taken

Sleeping With The Fishes

Die by drowning

Ancestor Defiler

Chop down an Auri tree

Mouth Foamer

Die from poison

Breath Of Chaos Aer

Well Done!

Die by lava

High Dive

Prevent lethal fall damage by falling into water


Die from an explosion

Imbued Remnants

Imbue an item with remna

Never Alone

Summon all NPCs

Ancestrial Protection

Fully grow an Auri tree

Corrupted Dreams

Tear Down This Wall

Perish With The Sword

Maxed out sword proficiency, prepared for the inevitable


Maxed out wand proficiency, quick on the draw spell firing

One's Shield

Max out shield proficiency, defend against the greatest attacks

One String

Maxed out bow proficiency, have great confidence

One's Spear

Maxed out spear proficiency, launch attacks that can pierce through any defense

Gather No Moss

A collector that never stops scavenging the world and has obtained Gather talent level 50

Chaos Patterns

A wielder of chaos that can shape it to their will and has obtained Craft talent level 50


A master of sylic arts that has obtained Syle talent level 50

Loot Hoarder

Have all bags full

End Of A Journey

Defeat swarms of monsters and obtained combat level 50

A Cold Dish

Well Prepared

Have a crafting station with all the support items

Weapon Master

A master in the art of war that has obtained Arms level 50

Perfect Landing

Prevent lethal fall damage with a dodge roll

Four Corners Of Crea

An adventurer that has obtained Explore talent level 50

Blood, Sweat, and Tiers

Forge a powerful item through chaos crafting


Become a true assassin

Power Overwhelming

Fully max out your character

Know It All

Learned all recipes

Dressed To Kill

Be fully equipped with max quality gear

Lore Hunter

Complete the Lore book

Barrier Smasher!

Dream Eater

Knocking At The Gate