Knockout Checkers Chamber achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Lucky Debutante

Win a round for the first time.

Slugs! Ugh!

Unlock Slug Pieces.

Towering over the Board

Put the checker on its side.


Betray yourself and lose (knock out all your own pieces).


Win a round, keeping alive a checker that was hit 5 times but remained on the board.

Until the Death Will Tear Us Apart

Glue 3 opponent's pieces with a single Slug Piece.

Return to Status Quo

Take the draw. Play a tie. Manage a stalemate!

This is not The Rolling Stones

Unlock Stone Pieces.

Caring General

Win the round with at least 4 alive pieces left.


Knock your own checker out of the board

Double Dragon

Knock out 2 opponent's pieces at the same time.

Cooling Things Down

Unlock Ice Pieces.

Light Athletics

Unlock Jumping Pieces.

Round-Shaped Assassin

Knock out 3 opponent's pieces at the same time.

Familiar with Everyone

Reach the Round 5.

High Five!

Get through 5 rounds.

Checker of Mass Destruction

Knock out 4 opponent's pieces at the same time.

Palace of Intrigues

Reach the Round 9.

Right Tactics and a Bit of Luck

Achieve 5 victories in a row.

Call of New Adventures

Complete the campaign.

Checker Guru

Get through 10 rounds.

Pressure of a Glacier

Freeze a stone piece and knock out two opponent’s pieces with it.

Drowned, hanged or set up free?

Play a tie in Round 16.

Chapayev's Reincarnation

Win all rounds in the set with a maximal difficulty.

One Step From Death Penalty

Defeat the Empress in the 12th round with the last remaining checker.

Cold-Blooded Strategist

Achieve 10 victories in a row.

Aggressive Self-Defense

While playing against the Empress in Round 12, knock out two checkers simultaneously.

Five Nations Army

Have all types of pieces on the board at the same time.

A Legend of Imperial Court

Achieve 15 victories in a row.

Courteous Dandy

Win the first game with the Empress (Round 4), using a set of completely different pieces (skins are taken into account).

Fight with Reflection

Win the Round 13, using a set that reflects an opponent‘s set as a mirror.

Sticky Ice

Win the second game with the Empress (Round 8), using only checkers-slugs.

Heavy Duty

Defeat the Grand Marshal in Round 15, using only stone checkers.

Army of Icebergs

Win Round 7, using only ice checkers.