ScreamRide achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 47 unknown)

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ScreamRider Graduate

Completed the First ScreamRider level

I Hope You Have Insurance

ScreamRider: Crashed your coaster

Ready, Eddy, Go!

ScreamRider: Got a Perfect start

Demolitions Graduate

Completed the First Demolitions Expert level

Engineer Graduate

Completed the First Engineer level


Demo Expert: Caused 20+ explosions in a campaign level.

Crushed It

Demo Expert: Launched a cabin over 500m

Barry, Did You Use Hydrogen Again?

Demo Expert: Destroyed the blimp

Nothing but Net

Demo Expert: Launched a coaster car more than 300m


Downloaded someone else's level

I'm on a Boat

Demo Expert: Destroyed the speed boat


Demo Expert: Skimmed a cabin 5 times

Series 1 Complete

Completed Series 1

Safe Landing

ScreamRider: Got 25 Perfect landings

Laying Track

Engineer: Placed down 10km of track


Demo Expert: Sent a car or cabin through a goal post.

Series 2 Complete

Completed Series 2

La Decima

ScreamRider: Got 10 Perfects in a Row


Engineer: Built a coaster that exceeds 150mph

Ain't Nuthin but a G

Engineer: Built a coaster that achieves over 30 g

Get Outta Here!

Engineer: Ejected 500 riders


ScreamRider: Spent a total of 30 minutes on two wheels

Rated G, for Good

Rated someone else's level


Sandbox: Placed down 50,000 pieces of scenery

3, 2, 1

Demo Expert: Launched 500 cabins

Series 3 Complete

Completed Series 3

Share and Share Alike

Shared a level that you've built


Generated a total Scream Rating of over 250,000,000 in the campaign

Series 4 Complete

Completed Series 4

Don't, Look, Down

Engineer: Built a coaster with a drop height of 190m

Sharing the Plan

Shared a blueprint


ScreamRider: Got 1,000 Perfects

He's on Fire

Demo Expert: Passed through 100 hoops

Series 5 Complete

Completed Series 5


Had a level downloaded 30 times

Demolition Wo/Man

Complete all Demolitions Expert levels

Get To Da Choppa

Demo Expert: Destroyed the helicopter

Manual Labour

ScreamRider: Spent 20 consecutive seconds on two wheels


Complete all Engineer levels

Bulk, Smash!

Demo Expert: Gained a Scream Rating total of 100,000,000


Complete all ScreamRider levels

Series 6 Complete

Completed Series 6

What a Smashing Time

100% all Demolitions Expert levels


100% all Engineer levels

All Screamer

100% all ScreamRider levels

All Day, 'Ery Day

100% all Campaign levels

Dayum Dayum Dayum

Demo Expert: Caused over 2,500,000 damage in a campaign level