Iron Crypticle achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Safe And Sound

Finish A Non-Boss, Non-Empty Room Without Taking Damage

Forward Planning

Find A Map

Grave Encounters

Under The Skin

Consolation Prize


Not The Boss Of Me!

Defeat Boulderface

The Eyes Have It

Defeat The Giant Peepwort

Take Heart

Pick Up 10 Hearts In A Single-Player Game Session

Arcade Addict

Holy Teeth, Bat ...Thing!

Defeat Gnasher

Axing For It

Statistically Significant

Collect Or Buy 5 Stat Increases In A Single Game

Master At Arms

Use 10 Different Weapon Types


Avid Reader

Room Service

Clear 50 Rooms Of Monsters



Bonus Payment

Magic Pockets

Gold Grabber

Collect 1000 points worth of coins

Fist Full Of Dynamite?

Got The Idea

Get 100 100x8s In A Single Game

Lemon Aid

Muddy Waters

Pest Control

Is That All You've Got?

Where Did You Come From?

What Does It Mean?

Shell Shock

Defeat Hexapod

Golden Retriever

Find The Golden Kitty

Never Ending Story

You Can Do It!

Complete The First Floor On Hard Difficulty

You Don't Scare Me!

Early Bird

Behind The Mask

Axes Of Evil