Keebles achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Challenge accepted

Complete a time challenge successfully on any level

You're a star

Get 5 stars on any level

Road trip

Travel 1,000 kms

Topsy turvy

Complete a level with the Bobble resting upside down

Grass is greener

Complete level 15 (finish all the hill levels)

Route 66

Travel 3,945 km

Keebles? What Keebles?

Complete level 4 without picking up any Keebles

Cracked up

Finish a level with 5% of your Bobble health remaining

Smashing ending

Break the Bobble in the end zone

Show off

Get 5 stars and the time challenge for any level in a single run

Down the Amazon

Travel 6,437 kms

A techinical pass

Save at least 46 Keebles


Get crushed by the boulder on Level 30

Thar she blows!

Complete the game


Complete Lvl 16 with no parachute



Watch the entire credits

Air Jordan

Collect Jordan, the second Keeble on Level 29, with no wheels touching the ground

Missed it by 'that' much

Overshoot the finish zone by 1 metre or less and come to a rest


I believe I can touch the sky

Finish level 15 without touching the second landmass (except for the finish zone)

The kiss of death

Complete Level 30 after being pushed by the boulder

I love Keebles

Collect 1,000 Keebles

Not just an idle brain

Get 5 stars on level 12 with only 2 driven wheels

No, wheely?

Complete level 28 with no wheels

Flying ace

Get 5 stars on Level 24

I like to ride my unicycle

Get 5 stars on Level 5 with only 1 wheel

No man left behind

Save every Keeble (90)

It's full of stars

Get 5 stars on every level

Loops make me dizzy

Complete level 29 without going through any loops within the time limit

'Tis but a scratch

Get 5 stars on level 29 with 90% of your Bobble health remaining

Bobble master

Get 5 stars on every level and every time challenge

Speed demon

Get every time challenge

I broke it…

Break the Bobble 1000 times

Seriously, I love Keebles!

Collect 10,000 Keebles

What's wrong with you?

Break the Bobble 10,000 times