Flux8 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Learn to Fly

Jump 50 Times

Run Ferrous! Run!

Travel 2500 Meters.

And I Would Walk 5000 More!

Travel 5000 Meters.


Activate 5 triggers in 5 seconds.


Jump 1000 Times

Work Hard and Stay Safe

Die at the first possible opportunity


Enter a Polarity Gate

Falling With Style

Spend 25 Seconds In the Air

Great Scott

Gain the Speed of 88MPH

Say Watt?!

Die to Electricity twice within 10 seconds

Looking Attractive!

Collect 10 Accessories

Get Red-y

Complete all of Newt's levels.

Show Me What You Got!

Download Another Player's Level

Bright Idea

Build a Level

Power of Two!

Complete CO-OP


Complete the Game

First Crush

Have Newt and Tess die to crushers at the same time.

It's Alive!

Publish Your First Level

Where's My Super Suit?!

Collectile Dysfunction

Collect All The Floppy Disks

Just Call Me Bob...

Build 10 Levels