Wolfenstein: The New Order achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Save allied planes

Scout I

Unlock stealth perk 1

Double reload

Unlock assault perk 1

Knife throwing

Unlock stealth perk 2


Unlock demolition perk 1

Vive la resistance!

Locate the resistance


Unlock tactical perk 1

Power to the laser

Find the Laserkraftwerk

Scout II

Unlock stealth perk 7

Quick draw

Unlock tactical perk 2

Fergus saved

Choose to save Fergus

Quick regeneration

Unlock tactical perk 3

Hidden in the deep

Locate the underwater stash

London uprising

Defeat the London Monitor


Release friend

Silent shot

Unlock stealth perk 5


Unlock assault perk 6

Bullet feeder

Unlock assault perk 4

Wyatt saved

Choose to save Wyatt

Knife sheath +

Unlock stealth perk 3


Complete game on any difficulty

Grenade pouch +

Unlock demolition perk 2


Unlock stealth perk 8

Quick reload

Unlock tactical perk 8

Dual-wield expert

Unlock assault perk 8


Unlock demolition perk 8

Endurance I

Unlock assault perk 2

All that glitters

Collect 25 gold items

Gun magazine +

Unlock tactical perk 4

Knife sheath ++

Unlock stealth perk 4

Grenade pouch ++

Unlock demolition perk 3


Unlock stealth perk 6


Unlock assault perk 3


Unlock demolition perk 6

Endurance II

Unlock assault perk 5

Super hero

Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or ÜBER)

Shotgun magazine +

Unlock tactical perk 5

LKW battery +

Unlock assault perk 7

AR magazine +

Unlock tactical perk 6

Marksman magazine +

Unlock tactical perk 7

Secrets revealed I

Solve the first Enigma code

Über hero

Complete game on ÜBER

Secrets revealed II

Solve the second Enigma code

The lives of others

Collect all letters


Unlock demolition perk 4

Secrets revealed III

Solve the third Enigma code

Secrets revealed IV

Solve the fourth Enigma code

Heart of gold

Collect all gold items

Rocket magazine +

Unlock demolition perk 5


Unlock demolition perk 7