LawBreakers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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My Turf

Win a Turf War match.

Uplink Complete

Win an Uplink match.

Jump Ball

Recover the Blitzball after an enemy ball carrier has been killed.

Kickin' It

Earn a kill using kick.

Uplink Started

Place the uplink in your base during an Uplink match.

Turf War Shutout

Capture all the zones in a single round of Turf War.

Gimmie That

Kill the enemy battery carrier in Overcharge.

Most Valuable Player

Earn MVP in any game mode.

Zero-G Murderer

Get 25 kills while you are in zero-g.

Master Thief

Steal the battery from the enemy base while it's charged to 100% in Overcharge.

Hacking Time

Slow 2 enemies with a single use of Wraith's Chrono Switch ability.


Heal allies for 1,250 HP using the Support Drones in Quick Match.

Move Aside

Knock back an enemy using Juggernaut's Charge and Impale.


Earn a double kill while in an Occupy zone.

Frickin' Laser Beams

Earn a double kill with the Harrier's Convergence ability.


Get 25 kills with the Hydra.

Gone Berserk

Earn a double kill with Titan's Berserk ability.


Silence 25 enemies with an Electromag Charge.


Earn a grapple kill by attaching to an enemy using the Arc Blades' grapple.

Breaking the Curve

Earn a grade of S+ in a match.


Earn a warp combo kill by shooting an enemy after using the Warp ability.

Killer Instinct

Get 25 kills with the Wasp.


Get 25 kills while defending your team's zone in Occupy.

Occupied Territory

Defend a zone 25 times during Occupy.


Get 25 kills with the Hammerhead.

Fallen Angel

Earn a double kill with Vanguard's Starfall ability.

Omega Weapon

Get 25 kills using Gunslinger's full-charge Omega shot.

Strategic Placement

Heal 25 allies with Supercharger.

Tanks Alot

Absorb 300 damage with the Holo-Deflector 25 times.

Killing Frenzy

Earn a double kill with the Assassin's Frenzy spin attack.

Time Killer

Get 25 kills while using the Enforcer's Distortion Field.

Eyes Closed

Earn a rear view kill by using blindfire to kill an enemy.


Score the ball 25 times in Blitzball.


Travel 2,500m while blindfiring.


Get 25 kills while using the Battle Medic's Hoverpack.


Capture and place the battery in your base 25 times.

Uplink Interrupted

Take the uplink from the enemy base 25 times.

Occupy Pro

Win 25 Occupy matches.

Blitzball Pro

Win 25 Blitzball matches.

Overcharge Pro

Win 25 Overcharge matches.

Uplink Pro

Win 25 Uplink matches.

Turf War Pro

Win 25 Turf War matches.

150 Proof

Win 150 matches in any game mode.

Get on My Level

Earn your first prestige rank at account level 50.