Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Die 100 times

Yea... That just happened...

Ride the Fire shark

On the Naughty List for life

Kill Santa

Bottoms up!

Drink 100 beers


Kill Naggi

That's what friends are for

Find all playable characters

Who the Hell is This Guy?

Found Matthew Lentz


Enter a cheat code


Find Craig

You call that normal?!

Beat the game on "Normal" or higher


Die 1000 times

Who ISN'T in this game?

Find all the cameos

Poopy Pickle

Find all S*** Pickles

All for 1up and 1up for all!

Collect 200 1ups

Old School Playa

Beat the game on "Old School" or higher

Trick or Treat, Mothaf***a!

Beat the game over Halloween weekend on Normal or Higher difficulty

You've got skill!

Beat the game on "Hard as Balls" or higher

Complete Badass

Beat the game on "Impossible" or higher

Bow Before the God of Video Games!

Beat the game on "YOLO"