Happy Wars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 77 unknown)

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Treasure Hunter

Get a premium item

First Victory

Get 1 victory in any game session

The Card Has Been Dealt

Play Happy Cards

The Legend Begins

Receive mention in Hero Pop-up in a Quick Match or Co-op Mode

Rich Man

Get 30 items


Level-up an item


Get 1 victory in Skirmish mode

Hello World

Use a talk or order commands 4 times in a Quick Match or Co-op Mode


Get 60 items

The Blacksmith

Modify an item and add a buff to it

Mighty Knight

Get Knight's Medallion Medal

All Rounder

Use Warrior, Cleric, and Mage 2 times each in a Quick Match or Co-op Mode

Gang Up

Launch a Team Skill and get a kill in a Quick Match or Co-op Mode

I Meant to do That!

Die from falling off a cliff or drowning in a non-tutorial game.

Bronze Wolf

Get 10 Bronze Cross Medals

Precocious Blacksmith

Level-up an item 15 times

The Best Items

Get a Level 10 item


Get 90 items

Silver Talons

Get 5 Silver Cross Medals


Use a talk or order commands 100 times in a Quick Match or Co-op Mode

Standing On My Own

Reached rank 20

Legendary Hero

Get a Hero's Medallion Medal

Phantom Knight

Get 5 Knight's Medallion Medals

Treasure House

Get 150 items

Happy War-Lord

Play 100 non-tutorial games

Remodeling Geek

Remodel an item and add a buff to it 15 times

Silver Fangs

Get 15 Silver Cross Medals

I Feel Special

Play 5 full matches of Special Games.


Use a talk or order commands 300 times in a Quick Match or Co-op Mode

Legendary Emperor

Get 3 Hero's Medallion Medals

Sacred Knight

Get 10 Knight's Medallion Medals

Bronze Tiger

Get 50 Bronze Cross Medals

Blacksmith Master

Level-up an item 100 times

We love you too!

Watch the credits

Silver Wings

Get 30 Silver Cross Medals

It Worked!

Complete every Story Mission

Bulk Purchaser

Play "Happy Cards Lite x10" 10 times

Knight of the Order of Light

Reached rank 40

War Veteran

Gain 20 victories in Quick Match

Bronze Dragon

Get 100 Bronze Cross Medals

Battle Master

In Quick Match or Co-op mode, use all skills for Warrior, Cleric, and Mage.

The Ultimate Craftsman

Raise the level of an item to Level 15

Commander of the Light Knight

Reached rank 50

Business Warrior

Sell 100 items

Legendary God

Get 6 Hero's Medallion Medals

World's Fair

Get 500 items

Angel of Death

Kill 1000 enemies in Quick Match

Remodeling Master

Remodel an item and add a buff to it 100 times

Theory of Evolution, Proven.

Evolve a weapon

Medal Enthusiast

Collect a total of 1000 Medals, regardless of type

Did you get a Haircut?

Customize all the parts of a character

War Mastermind

Gain 100 victories in Quick Match

Heart of a Ninja

Kill 100 enemies with an Ambush Attack in Quick Match.


Have a total of 500 other characters across any game modes join in Team Skills that you launch.

Get Down From There!

Knock 10 enemies off their mounts


Build 300 towers in Quick Match or Co-op Mode

Heroes Never Perish!

Resurrect the same character 7 times in a single game of Quick Match or Co-op Mode