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No missable achievements (plus 64 unknown)

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Welcome to Edgewood

Participation Counts

A Little Something On Your Nose

Stuff it in the Locker

Who's the Bully Now

Afraid of the Dark

Wrecking Ball

May I Have Some More

The Woundwort Fortress

Playing with Fire

A Dish Best Served Cold

Twice the Trouble

Apple Polisher

Like The Back of My Hand

Waste Not - Want Not

Simply Erased

V is for Victory


You Belong in a Museum

Consumption Junction

Teacher's Pet

The Capulet Conclave

Taking Out the Trash

First Things First

Food for Thought

A Scholar's Mate


Thrice the Terror

Can't Wait to Open It!

Stop! Drop! Roll!

Fight Me Meow

Who Needs Rhythm

Biggest Baddest

The Administrators' Archive

Beautiful in Black

A Penny Saved

If You Can Dodge a Footstool

Leftovers - Yuck!

Above the Influence

Time Waits for No One

The Best Friends Reunited

The Healer is No Threat

No Pain - No Gain

Extra Credit

Fool Me A Third Time..

The Denouement

Not Thinking With Portals

Weeding is Overrated

Four Times the Fun

Succeed On Your Own Merits

And Then There Were None

Time to Dally

The Speed Test

The Honor Roll

Grade A Suck-Up

Well Read

Just a Scratch

Stop Hitting Yourself

A Rock and A Hard Place

Once More with Feeling

Head of the Class

The Real Speed Test

Just Say No

Victorious Valedictorian