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No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Unlock Chapter II

Solve three maps and access the chapter II

Being a Bad Rat

Solve 5 maps.

Unlock Chapter III

Six maps solved, and Chapter III is open

Unlock Chapter IV

Nine maps are done. You are ready to Chapter IV

Bad Rat Worker

You did it, 10 maps already solved.

Chapter I

Completed all maps of Chapter I.

Serious Bad Rat

Nice solutions, you just finished 20 maps.

Chapter II

The second chapter is completed.

Bad Rats Author

Create and share a custom map with the community.

Bad Cats

Not easy, but you did it. You got 30 maps finished.

Chapter III

You did it, Chapter III is done.

Real Bad Rat

It's okay. You got your 40th map solved.

Master Bad Rats

You have completed all original maps.

Chapter IV

Can't believe it, you won the Chapter IV.