Fortified achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Goose It!

Destroy an Annihilator before it deploys

Ivy Leaguer

Complete a map other than Easy Street without the base taking damage

Big Spender

Spend more than $7,500 in any map other than Easy Street

Ice to Meet You

Freeze 10 enemies within 1 second

Reporting For Duty

Complete any map other than Easy Street using only infantry

Bring Him Down!

Defeat the Juggernaut

Circuit Breaker

Destroy 50 enemies using Tesla Coils in any single map other than Easy Street

Great Balls of Fire

Set fire to 10 enemies simultaneously


Destroy 5 flying enemies in 5 seconds with the shotgun


Defeat the Stalker


Complete every map on normal difficulty


Complete any map other than Easy Street without any structure kills


Destroy 10 enemies with the Rifle in 5 seconds

Cryo Baby

Throw 10 enemies at once with the Cryo Blaster secondary attack


Unlock every structure and weapon

They Shall Not Pass

Complete any map on hard, other than Easy Street without taking damage

Earth's Protector

Complete every map on hard

National Icon

Reach level 20


Destroy 20 enemies within 1 second


Complete all maps on insane

Defenders of Freedom

Reach level 20 with all player characters

Negative Perspiration

Survive 10 waves of Invasion Mode

Cloud Nine

Survive to wave 20 in Invasion mode on hard