A Robot Named Fight achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 78 unknown)

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Revenant Station

Bright Shell

Discover The Caves

Energy Vorb

Kill 100 Enemies

Big Bolt

Defeat Abomination

Auto Turret

Defeat Sluggard

Tri Orb

Defeat Mouth Meat

Rail Gun

Discover The Factory

Power Jump

Defeat Beak Lord

Triple Shot

Defeat Wall Creep

Scrap Vorb

Kill 1000 Enemies

Artifice Helm

Possess 50 scrap

Buzz Orb

Discover The Buried City

Lightning Gun

Defeat Mouth Meat Senior

Lil' Tyr

Donate 27 gray scrap to shrines

Hover Boots

Defeat Cephalodiptera

Mega Damage

Defeat the Megabeast once

Hunter Killer

Defeat Flesh Adder

Laser Beam

Defeat Metal Patriarch

Thorough Bot

Collect 100% of the items in a run

The Fleshening

Defeat the Megabeast


Have a shot speed of 22 or higher

The Forest Slums

Defeat all Surface City bosses

Master Map

Discover every map square in a run

Orb Bot

Collect 4 orbs in a single run

Lil' Zurvan

Donate 125 gray scrap to shrines

Homing Bolt

Defeat Moleman Shaman

Viridian Shell

Defeat White Wyrm

Gun Bot

Collect 3 energy weapons in a single run

Royal Orb

Defeat Polyphemus

The Traitor

Trade in 3 of each type of Archaic Scrap to allies

Mega Health

Defeat the Megabeast twice

The Fleshening II

Defeat the Megabeast twice

Personal Teleporter

Discover Every Teleporter in a Run

Lil' Phaestus

Donate 216 gray scrap to shrines

Power Shield

Have a max health of 20 or higher

Coolant Sewers

Defeat all Cave bosses

Mega Energy

Defeat the Megabeast thrice

Phantasmal Orbs

Have 18 or more nanobots at once

Health Vorb

Kill 10000 Enemies

Hive Helm

Defeat Blightbark

Beast Guts

Defeat the Megabeast thrice

Tyrs Horns

Kill 20 Champions

Scrap Cache

Possess 99 Scrap

Buzzsaw Shell

Have a max speed of 17 or higher

Regeneration Helm

Dive Shell

Discover the Coolant Sewers

Ally Bot

Empty Out 3 Allies

Aspect Shell

Lil' Wadjet

Donate 343 gray scrap to shrines

Mega Attack

Defeat the Megabeast four times

Glitch Module

Necroluminant Spray

Defeat Ooze Hart

Swell Bolt

Fire a shot size of 4 or greater

Mega Speed

Defeat the Megabeast five times

Lil' Buluc

Donate 512 gray scrap to shrines

Mega Shot Speed

Defeat the Megabeast six times

Wall Jump

Crystal Mines

Defeat all Factory bosses

Lil' Orphy

Donate 729 gray scrap to shrines

Artifice Beam

Possess 3 of Each Archaic Scrap

The Thief

Glitch Shell

Module Transmogrifier

Glitch Map


Defeat Stalkus

The Glitched Key

Up Dog

Defeat Leviathan


Crystal Shell

Discover the Crystal Mines


Have Explosive Bolts that Deal 8 or more Damage

Hellfire Cannon

Have Fire Bolts with an attack delay less than 0.2

Fight Bot

Defeat the Megabeast Core in under 50 minutes and collect 100% of the items in a single run

Orphiel's Altar

Possess 81 Nanobots

Fast Bot

Defeat the Megabeast in under 35 minutes

Hazard Shell

Defeat Corrupted Miner

Phase Shell

Defeat Skin Deviler

The Quickening

Complete the game with a collection rate less than 15%

Glitch Scrap