Over 9000 Zombies! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 43 unknown)

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Survivor: Day 1

The first day is always the hardest, except in this case, it's the easiest.

Pop pop pop, watchin' zombies drop!

Get 10 kills per second!

Survivor: Day 2

Making some progress...

Survivor: Day 3

You won that race.


Get 5,000 damage per second!

Survivor: Day 4

Green IS good.

0MG I killed some Zombies!

Kill 1000+ Zombies!

Build a Turret!

Construct a turret from scrap metal!

Survivor: Day 5

You watched the world burn, and survived. It was kind of cool.

Survivor: Day 6

Lots of progress!

Survivor: Day 7

Not a wimp.

Survivor: Day 8

It didn't taste like chocolate ice cream either...

Survivor: Day 9

You didn't donate your organs...

Name of the Game!

Kill 9,000+ Zombies!

Safety in Numbers!

Participate in a multiplayer game.

Survivor: Day 10

Your world didn't end!

Survivor: Day 11

Don't call me slow!

Survivor: Day 12

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore."

Terrible.. terrible.. DAMAGE!

Get 15,000 damage per second!

Survivor: Day 13

Decreased Zombotropy.

Survivor: Day 14

Blood and Flesh can be trusted.

Dead Basset

Kill over 1000 zombie dogs!

Survivor: Day 15

A jail is an isolated system.

Survivor: Day 16

If only he had the body of a horse...

Broken Wings!

Kill over 1000 zombie crows!

Survivor: Day 17

Terror possessed me then!

Slay Zombie Thomas Jefferson!

Vote for Zombie Thomas Jefferson, or don't.

Weak Spot Found!

Kill over 1000 crabs!

Total Carnage!

Get 30 kills per second!

Survivor: Day 18

Health is the greatest gift, a close second is BRAINS!

Slay zombie Napoleon!

Zombie Napoleon meets his zombie Waterloo!

Slay zombie Tchaikovsky!

Derail the Waltz of the Undead!

Slay zombie Duke of Wellington!

The army of the undead will march at daybreak!

Slay zombie Mannerheim!

Voted the greatest zombie of all time!

Slay zombie Sibelius!

No 8th symphony for zombie Sibelius!

Survivor: Day 19

Abused patience turns to fury!

Gimme a boost!

Collect 100 Power Ups!

Survivor: Day 20

The zombie world is independent of our will.

Eye, eye!

Kill over 1000 zombie eyes!

Amateur Engineer!

Construct 100 automated turrets.

Undead Wasteland!

Kill 90,000+ Zombies!

1 Man, almost 1 million dead

Kill 900,000+ Zombies!

Make MacGuyver Proud!

Construct 1000 Turrets from random scraps of metal!