Qora achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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View the Village Elder cutscene


Speak to everyone in town who gives you an item


View the Valley Telepathy Sequence


View the Temple Sarcophagus Telepathy Sequence

The Empress

View the Temple Telepathy Sequence


View the Pit Entrance Telepathy Sequence


View the Temple Grounds Telepathy Sequence

Imaginary Friend

View the Cave Lake cutscene

Feeling Crabby

View the Stream cutscene

Long Way Down

View the Pit Telepathy Sequence


View the Cave Lake Telepathy Sequence

Feeling Sluggish

View the Cemetery cutscene

Feeling Bashful

View the Desert cutscene

"It's been a privilege playing with you tonight."

View the Tunnel Telepathy Sequence


View the Desert Telepathy Sequence

Feeling Flighty

View the Stone Forest cutscene


View the Colorful Mountain Telepathy Sequence

Great Grandma

View the Floating Island cutscene

Feeling Chilly

View the second Floating Island cutscene

Almost There

View the Sanctuary Entrance Telepathy Sequence

Welcome Home

Enter your home at the end of the game

High Flyer

View the Floating Platforms Telepathy Sequence

The Traveler

View the Sanctuary cutscene


View the Mountain Telepathy Sequence


View the Orange Ocean Telepathy Sequence

Vault 101

Enter Secret Passageway Level

Queen Qora

View the Sanctuary Telepathy Sequence

Just a Dream

Find the first game ending


Light incense at the final shrine


Find the second game ending

Screenpush Fan

Finish the Hall of Heroes cutscene with Scoops

Hot Pot Fan

Prepare Hot Pot in your home

Torlo Fan

Watch Torlo in your home

Torlane Fan

Read Torlane in your home

Safarifreshments Fan

Drink some Safarifreshments in your home


View the Village Telepathy Sequence

I am Steve Parsons

Turn on the party lights in your home

Megavice Fan

Listen to Megavice's record in your home

In Memory of Shandy Patch

Interact with the Talking Elk Head in your home

In Exile

Teleport to Secret Level