Mos Speedrun 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 58 unknown)

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You died

Die for the first time

The first of many

Complete the first level

Dodge better

Get killed by an enemy 5 times

100 Coins

Collect 100 individual coins

Paying your way

Collect all coins from a single level


Run 1 km


Change costume for the first time

100 wall jumps

Wall jump 100 times

1000 jumps

Jump 1000 times

Skull novice

Collect first skull

500 Coins

Collect 500 individual coins

50 lost souls

Die 50 times

Fell to earth

Fall 1 km

Getting started

Play for 1 hour

Accomplished runner

Run 5 Km

Field marshal

Complete 6 levels

1000 Coins

Collect 1000 individual coins

100 lost souls

Die 100 times

They're winning

Get killed by an enemy 100 times

Blood on the sand

Complete 12 levels

Getting down to business

Play for 2 hours

The hard part

Play a prestige game

Super Saver

Collect all coins from 6 levels

Fall from grace

Fall 3 km

5000 jumps

Jump 5000 times

Long distance runner

Run 10 km

Flat broke

Get crushed 5 times

First charm

Collect a day charm

Skull finder

Collect 6 skulls

Getting serious

Play for 5 hours

Ghouls and Ghosts

Complete 18 levels

1000 wall jumps

Wall jump 1000 times

Watery death

Die in water 5 times

Caste Master

Complete 24 levels


Collect all coins from 20 levels


Die in lava 5 times


Complete 30 levels

Eye Spirit Ciliaris

Running for honour

Play 10 prestige games

Eye Spirit Macularius

Gasping for air

Die in gas 5 times

Burning up

Die in lava 15 times

Long distance swimmer

Swim 1 km

What a way to go

Die in slime 5 times

Charm hunter

Collect 10 day charms

Skull collector

Collect 20 Skulls

Eye Spirit Chorion

The Prestige

Get to stage 6 in prestige

Code Breaker

Experienced charm hunter

Collect 20 day charms

Number Station


Collect all coins from 30 levels


Final Puzzle

Skull museum

Collect 30 Skulls

Day charm Queen

Collect 30 day charms

Just one more charm...

Collect 29 day charms

Mos Master

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