Starbound - Unstable achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Adventurer Eventuality

Congratulations on Your Graduation!

The Simple Life

Just like mum used to make!

Amateur Bard

Not in Front of the Children!

The Wanderer

Book Club

The Hopeful

Protected Protector

Augmented Reality

Perfectly Generic Achievement

Ending Prohibition

First Mate

The Brave


Monster Whisperer

Traveling in Style

The Wise

Home Sweet Home

Shock and Awe

The Devout

Feathered Friend

King Barbarian

The Resilient

The Loyal

The Protector

Sweet Revenge

Starbound Valley

Too Heavy to Kick

Bug Tracker

Captain of the Year

A Helping Hand

From the Ashes

You're aMAZEing!

Alien Archaeologist

Cosmic Curator

Cramped Colony

Culinary Century

Nox's Apprentice

A Cheeky Chore

All Walks of Life

A Motley Crew

Not a Llama

A Tireless Task

Them Bones

Mint Condition

Bug Free

Well Read

Destroyer of Worlds

Armour Aficionado