Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition achievement guide & roadmap



2 missable achievements (plus 58 unknown)

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Shoot Straight

Punching Deck

They’re Not Worth It


Wait For It…


Just in Case

Pinball Wizard

Hit three or more enemies with a bouncing magic spell.

Wrong Order

Come Forth

Summon 5 spirits from places in the environment.

Little Helpers

Use drones to kill 15 enemies.

Screw the Job

I Feel Great!

Making Amends

No Mercy

Hot Potato

Throw back three grenades with the Shiawase Loader Arm.

Lessons Learned

Memory Lane

(Don’t) Conserve Ammo

Kill 15 enemies using a full-auto rifle or minigun.

Seven Times a Ronin

I Don’t Get Paid Enough for This

Just a Pawn

Tastes Like Chicken

Welcome to the Shadows


No Stone Unturned

Street Justice

Welcome to the Sixth World

Kill 20 enemies with magic spells.


Walking Weapon

Kill 10 enemies with Cyber-Weapons.

Calling the Shots

Use the Mark Target Ability on 10 enemies.

By the Book?

A Pirate's Life for Me

Bagged and Tagged

Zip-tie 3 enemies with Duncan’s Subdue ability.

More Bullets, More Effective

Use Spray & Pray to hit more than two enemies with an SMG.

Monster Squad

Patient Zero

I Don't Have a Problem

Use 5 "combat stims."

Rats! Rats! Rats!

Full Circle

Wouldn’t Want to be That Guy

Good Fortune

You're On Your Own, Kid

Like a Powder Keg

Chunky Salsa

Kill 5 enemies with grenades.

Pays For Itself

Skip 10 reloads with the Auto-Loader Cyber-Arm.

Heavy Metal

Built for the Streets

Have every cyberware slot filled by an enhancement.

We're Both Professionals

Home Again

God Puncher


Stun 5 enemies with the Shock Glove or Shock Hand.

No Loose Ends

Together Again

It’s Just One City

The Promised Land

Law Breaker

Pyrrhic Victory

It's Called Being Thorough

Behind the Curtain


Charmed Life