Dracula's Legacy achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Lair of the Vampires

You've found the lair of the vampires.


You destroyed the wall and get into the city.

Grave digger’s shop

You got into the shop and found Matt's photo.

Notes of a priest

You found the diary of the priest.

Lair of the Beast

You found the lair of the Daylight Guard.

Death of Daylight Guard

You managed to kill the Daylight Guard.

The first of the twins

You managed to sneak into the house of one of the twins.


You managed to get rid of both twins.

Secret Passage

You found a secret passage in the fountain.

The Gift

You've got the gift of Dracula.


You completed the game in the Expert mode.

The Collector

You collected all the items in the НО scenes.

Eagle Eye

You found 3 items for 3 seconds.

Attention to details

You didn't miss any single video or dialogue

Puzzle Master

You didn't skip any single puzzle.

Lightning fast

You passed HO scene less than 30 seconds.