SteamWorld Heist achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 47 unknown)

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Tutorial Grind

Complete the tutorial.

Hat-off, Hat-on

Pick up a hat after yours has been shot off.

Well Hatted

Collect 15 hats.

Bullet Bouncer

Kill 20 enemies by bouncing bullets, one count per attack.

Drop the Chop

Top of the Heap

Down with the Queen

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Use Area Heal on crew mates other than Piper 10 times.

Full House

Recruit all available crew mates. (DLC not included)

In a military style

It’s over 9...!

Reach level 10 with one character. (DLC not included)


Shoot off and pick up a rare hat.

Crème de la Crème

Savior of the Universe

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Complete the game in Casual mode.

Brass Effect

Use Payback and Double Shot to kill the foe who triggered Payback.

Mad as a Hatter

Collect 30 hats.

Ordinary World

Complete the game in Regular mode.

Deep Space Superstar

The Outsider

Recruit Fen.

Are You Experienced?

Complete the game in Experienced mode.

Just Like Back At The Farm

During one turn, use Sally's Mad Dog ability to kill 5 enemies.


With one attack: Deal at least 40 damage to enemies.

Well worth it


Use the Flanker ability to kill 50 enemies.


Shoot off 3 hats with one attack.

Gosh, it’s full of stars!

Mr Pierce Pierce Bang Bang

Damage 5 enemies with the same shot using Valentine’s Piercing Shot ability.


Stun 25 enemies.

Shut Out The Light

Complete the game in Veteran mode.


Use Fen's Lightning Coil ability to kill 4 enemies with one shot.

Too Cool For School

Madly Maxed

Reach level 10 with all characters. (DLC not included)

Hats, hats, hats!

Collect 60 hats.

Cog save the Queen


Use the Vampire ability to restore 10 health during one mission.

You're The Best Around

Complete the game in Elite mode.

Fields Of Gold

Complete the game with an all Gold SteamWorld Ranking on any difficulty.

Big in Japan

No Guts, No Glory

Get saved by the Guts ability 3 times during one mission.

Animal Planet

(Space) Unicorn


Collect all hats from The Outsider DLC.


Higher Than The Sun

Complete the game with an all Gold SteamWorld Ranking on Elite.

They shunned Kenny :(

Indie love