Stellaris achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 114 unknown)

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Brave New World

Colonize a planet


Store/have 1000 EC

Break On Through...

Research a Rare technology


Survey one of each basic planet class

Power Overwhelming

Store/have 5000 EC

Mutual Understanding

Successfully negotiate a trade deal


Have access to ten different Strategic Resources

Domo Arigato

Build a Robot Pop

Digging Deep

Earn a total Mineral income each month above 250


Win a War against another Empire

A Home Away From Home

Conquer another species' homeworld

What Came Before

Find the home system of a Precursor Empire

New Shining Star

Upgrade your capital to an Imperial Complex

The Grand Fleet

Build a fleet with a total fleet size above 120

Building Better Worlds

Terraform a planet

... To the Other Side

Research 15 Rare technologies in a single game

Faster, Stronger, Better

Genetically alter a species (not uplift)


Explore a Natural Wormhole

Birth of a Federation

Establish a Federation

Grand Admiral

Have an Empire total fleet power of 100,000+

Old Friends

Receive a gift from a Fallen Empire

Then Virgil, Now Beatrice

Return a long-dead species to life

Clever Girl

Uplift a species


Support the Artisan Troupe for 10 years


Have a planet with at least 100 Pops

The Industrial Re-Revolution

Earn a total Mineral income each month above 1000

The Good Stuff

Purchase a rare resource from the Traders

Tradition is Everything

Unlock all 42 Traditions

Tourist Trap

As an egalitarian Empire, own a planet with at least 10 different species on it

Mad Genius

Recruit a scientist from the Curators


Have your ruler be of a different species class than your founding species


Successfully investigate an archaeological site

Citadel of Death

Own a Citadel with 40k fleet power

Imperial Highway

Own 4 active Gateways

It belongs in a museum!

Find a Relic

Battle Thralls

Have 3 other Empires as vassals


Win the game through any victory condition

Unlimited Power!

Use the active effect of a Relic

Star Struck

Own 200 Starbases (Outposts are counted)

Beyond the Veil

Breach the Shroud

It Followed Me Home

Befriend a Space Amoeba

Think Tank

Construct a complete Science Nexus

...and Hope?

Unseal the path to the L-Cluster

Center of Trade

Earn at least 1000 Energy Credits per month from trade

Captive Star

Construct a complete Dyson Sphere

Whence It Came

Defeat a horrifying invader


Restore an ancient warship

I Can See Forever

Construct a complete Sentry Array

Paradise Found

Terraform a planet into a gaia world

Planned Obsolescence

As a materialist empire with at least 200 Pops, have at least 75% of the Pops be robotic

Unravelling Enigma

Uncover the secrets of an ancient fortress

Controlled Evolution

Genetically modify a species to possess traits worth 7 points

Ringworld Engineers

Construct a complete Ring World


Have 100 Minor Artifacts

Like Tears in Rain

Evolve into perfect, immortal machines


Study Minor Artifacts and discover a random technology

Planet of the Mechs

Terraform a planet into a Machine World.

What Was Will Be

Close the loop, or don't

Clash of the Titans

Defeat a Fallen Empire's Titan fleet with a Titan of your own


Open up a shielded world

Warrior of Light

Destroy a wraith

No Khan Do

Kill the Great Khan in battle

Put A Ring On It

Have a ringworld section as your capital

Rift Sealed

Destroy the portals employed by the invaders from another time and space

A Hump Like a Snow-Hill

Hunt the Tiyanki Matriarch

Who Scraps the Scrapper

Destroy the Scrapper Bot

View from the End of the World

Build a Habitat station in a Black Hole system


Have at least 4 fully operational Megastructures within your borders (Habitats, Ring Worlds and Gateways do not count)

Strategic Initiative

Build a Strategic Coordination Center

Hear Me Roar

Hatch the egg

Return to Dust

Destroy an Enclave


Use a World Cracker to destroy another Empire's capital planet

Infinite Creation

Birth a new universe

Green Thumb

Complete the Baol Precursor chain


Develop the means to prevent nefarious infiltration

Black Hole Mining

Build a Matter Decompressor

Slave to the Systems

As an authoritarian Empire with at least 500 Pops, have at least 200 enslaved Pops

Enlightened Times

Enlighten a bronze age civilization

United Space

Build an Interstellar Assembly

1999 A.D.

Slaughter the Voidspawn

Distinctiveness Added

As a Driven Assimilator, own cyborg Pops of at least 5 different species.

League of Nations

Be a founding member of the Galactic Community

Towards Utopia

Have at least 10 different species living under Utopian living conditions in your Empire

Does Not Compute

Shut down the Contingency plan.

We Are Legion

Be a biological Hive Mind with at least 1000 drone Pops

Very Open Borders

As a xenophile Empire, have migration treaties with at least 10 other Empires

Rise of the Machines

As a Determined Exterminator, conquer or eliminate all biological Empires in the galaxy.


As a pacifist Empire, have all other independent Empires be pacifist as well


As a Corporate empire, have a branch office on 5 different empires' capitals

Stellar Performance

Take a trophy from a stellar being

Relic Hunter

In one game, find 5 Relics from Ancient Relics Story Pack


As a humanoid species, infiltrate the homeworld of pre-FTL reptilians

Let Us Go Forward Together

Level up your Federation

Dust Off

Complete the Zroni Precursor chain


Successfully capture an extragalactic matriarch


Keep at least 5 different species as livestock in your Empire

Suffer not the Alien

As a xenophobic Empire, purge all other sentient species from the galaxy

Pandora's World

Use a Global Pacifier to shield a planet belonging to Fanatic Purifiers, Ravenous Swarms, or Determined Exterminators

Retirement Home

As a Rogue Servitor, own at least 10 Pops from Fallen Empires.

Last, Best Hope

Lead the non-aligned powers to victory against an Awakened Empire

Deus Vult

As a spiritualist Empire, own 4 holy worlds

Obscure Tastes

Build a Mega-Art Installation in a nebula system

Throw Your Weight Around

Have a Diplomatic Weight of over 9000

Outside Context

Invade pre-FTL Earth while it is in the midst of a world war

Inscrutable Power

I won the Galatron and all I got was this lousy achievement

Unstoppable Force

Build a Juggernaut

Stay on Target

Destroy another Empire's Colossus while it is in the process of firing on a planet

Raiders of the Lost Galatron

Capture the Galatron from another empire

Our Fleets will Blot Out the Stars

Construct a complete Mega-Shipyard

We're Number One

Be the leader of a max level Federation

Humble Pie

Humiliate an Empire that is in the Supremacy Diplomatic Stance, forcing them out of it

Whatever it is, I'm against it

Refuse to belong to any club that would have you as a member

You've Been Served

Denounce an Empire that is not actually in breach of galactic law while all major sanctions have been passed

Opposites Attract

Have all eight ethics represented within your Federation