Legend of Kay Anniversary achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Weak as a kitten

Complete the first sword training

Like a cat riding a boar

Finish the first boar race

Look what the cat dragged in

Get a 5 X Combo

Let the cat out of the bag

Complete the second fight training lesson

Put the cat among the pigeons

Get a 10 X Combo

Make the fur fly

Get a 15 X Combo

Fight like Kilkenny cats

Get a 20 X Combo

Not enough room to swing a cat

Win the first fight against the boar

Dancing with the blade

Enough to make a cat laugh

Upgrade your extra-lives to 9

Turtle Twister

Gorilla Killa

Cat in gloves catches no mice

Collect all Claws in the game

Hard as a rock

Cat versus Snake


Steel Fur

Collect all the three different armour types


Collect all hammers in the game

Fat Cat

Upgrade your Health Points to the maximum

Is it over yet?


Upgrade your Chi Points to the maximum

Like the cat that got the cream

Finish the game on „Hard“ difficulty

All cats are grey in the dark

Find and activate all demon portals

Curiosity killed the cat

Win an extra race without collecting a chilli


Finish the game on „Nightmare“ difficulty