MechWarrior Online achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Basic Tutorial Complete

Complete the basic tutorial

It Has Begun

Get your first victory

Sharing is Caring

Get 5 assists in a single match

Internal Injuries

Destroy 10 components


Get 3 kills in a match

Less Green, More Mean

Get your first 5 victories in Trial 'Mechs

Pyrrhic Victory

Win a match with only one person on your team alive

Share the Love

Get 10 assists in a single match


Destroy 100 components

Creeping Death

Get 3 kills in a single match where your health never goes below 90%

Johnny Five

Get 5 kills in a match


Do top damage in a single match and get zero kills

Big Brother/Sister

Get 500 assists in Heavy 'Mechs


Kill an opponent with a Headshot

A Moderate Giver

Get 500 assists in Medium 'Mechs

'Mech SMASH!

Destroy 1,000 components

Giant Helper

Get 500 assists in Assault 'Mechs


Get 12 assists in a single match

Little Helper

Get 500 assists in Light 'Mechs

The Debutante

Complete a match in 1v1 Solaris

A Big Helping

Get 2500 assists in Heavy 'Mechs

Friendly Giant

Get 2500 assists in Assault 'Mechs

Sharing in Moderation

Get 2500 assists in Medium 'Mechs

A Light Push

Get 2500 assists in Light 'Mechs


Kill 10 opponents with Headshots

Ace of Spades

Get 8 kills in a match


Win 5 matches in 1v1 Solaris

So Vain

Equip a bolt-on to any 'Mech


Complete a match in 2v2 Solaris

They Love Me

Earn a sponsor in 1v1 Solaris


Win 15 matches in 1v1 Solaris


Win 50 matches in 1v1 Solaris


Win 100 matches in 1v1 Solaris

Mirror Mirror

Equip a bolt-on in every bolt-on slot of a single 'Mech

They Really Love Me

Earn all 10 sponsors in a single divison in 1v1 Solaris

Solaris Champion

Be #1 in any Solaris division after 50 1v1 matches