It's A Wipe! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Class Is Over

Beat The Tutorial Boss


Wipe Once

First 10 Down

10 Fights Won

Pocket Change

Earn 1,000 Gold

Adventuring for Profit

Earn 10,000 Gold

Monster Hunter

50 Fights Won

I See Dead People

Wipe 10 Times

Slayer of Monsters

100 Fights Won

Normal Is The New Easy

Beat The Game In Any Mode

Full House

Way Of The Warrior

Beat the game as a Warrior

Too Much Free Time

Who Says You Can't Buy Happiness?

Earn 100,000 Gold

Greed is Good

Beat the game as a Rogue

You're A Wizard!

Beat the game as a Wizard

More Than Just Heals!

Beat the game as a Cleric

Tree Hugger Supreme!

Beat the game as a Druid

Player Of Roles

Beat The Game in RP Difficulty

Rock & Roll!

Beat the game as a Bard


Beat the game as a Mage

Against All Odds

Beat The Game on the Hardest Difficulty

Replay Value?

Win 500 Fights

Wurking Purfectly

Beat a Player Made Raid

Bots Beater

Beat The Game in Heroic Bots Difficulty

That Which Has No Life

Beat the game as all classes