Cloudbuilt achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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Shifting Light

Complete Eclipse


Complete Rain

Where Is The Animal Hospital?

Increase your life cap nine times

Through The Fog

Complete Fog

The Long Road Ahead

Earn your first A-rank medal

I’m Just The Practice Level

That’s the next level over there!

Eyes Wide Open

Complete Cloudbuilt

An Inner Journey

Collect all of Demi’s logs

Among Friends

Hug the mines!

Moving Up In The World

Earn your first S-rank medal

Oh No, Not Again

What’s the probability of this happening?

The Truth Revealed...?

See all the endings


Kill or stun 10 enemies in 5 seconds or less

My Favorite Spot

The view from up in the garden is just wonderful

Castle In The Sky


Complete ”Desperation” (Defiance DLC)

Like A Glove

Let the goal catch you


Complete ”Nostalgia” (Defiance DLC)

Heart Of The Ruins

Collected all extra lifes in the Fog branch

A Forgotten Path

Achieve A-rank on pathfinder mode in Ruins

I Don’t Need A Tutorial

Swoosh through the intro level

Nearly There!

Earn an A-rank on every level


Complete ”Desire” (Defiance DLC)


Complete ”Expectations” (Defiance DLC)

How Fast?!

Earn a S-rank on every level

Dead Baron

“Fly” longer than 600 units after dying


Complete ”Chains” (Defiance DLC)

Quick On Your Feet

The top of the tower can never hurt you

I Just Want To Play

Bring a stunned arachtoid with you for a while on your journey

I Don’t Want To Hurt You

Reach an ending from New Game without firing a single shot (except during tutorial)

Life Insurance

Increase your life cap to 316 lives

Out of the Fog

Clear the Fog Rush Mode without dying or restarting even once.

Gotta Go Fast!

Earn S-rank in every mode on every level

Fearless Dodger

Complete “Desperation” without taking out any snipers (Defiance DLC)

22 in 22:22

Clear the Original 22 Rush Mode in 22:22 or less.


Enter the list of legendary players on the Full Game Defiance rush mode leaderboard! (Clear it once, no time constraint) (Defiance DLC)


Clear Full Game Defiance Rush mode without dying or restarting even once. If you can do this, you're not human... (Defiance DLC)