Golden Rush achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 61 unknown)

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Ordeal by Fire

Complete the first battle

An Apt Pupil

Complete the first tutorial

First Blood

Kill a player for the first time

Potion Fan

Use 10 random potion bottles

Bloody Blade

Deal 100 000 of damage

Monster Hunter

Kill 100 monsters

A Step to Greatness

Win for the first time

You're not Alone

Add 1 friend

Serious Newbie

Play 10 sessions


Pick up 10 chests

One for All

Play with friends for the first time

Dragon Killer

Kill the dragon once

Potion Specialist

Use 100 random potion bottles

Cruel Player

Deal 1000000 of damage

Gold Digger

Earn first 1000 gold

Blacksmith's Pupil

Unlock 1 set item

Hero Killer

Kill 100 enemy heroes

The Glorious Ten

Play 10 battles with friends

Little Flock

Add 10 friends

Alchemist's Pupil

Transmute 1 essence

Treasure Hunter

Pick up 100 chests


Win 10 times

Experienced Hero

Play 100 sessions

Beginning Alchemist

Transmute 10 essences

A Well Off Hero

Earn 10000 gold

Potion Master

Use 1000 random potion bottles

Dragon Slayer

Kill the dragon 10 times

Lord of Pain

Deal 10000000 of damage

Monster Destroyer

Kill 10 000 monsters

My Fairy Witch

Unlock Witch

Hero Destroyer

Kill 1000 enemy heroes

A Hundred Parties

Play 100 battles with friends

Master of Transmutation

Transmute 100 essences


Win 100 times


Turn into a dragon once

First Set

Collect 1 set

Your Legion

Add 100 friends

Rich Man

Earn 100000 gold

The Glorious Five

Collect 5 sets

My Own Assassin

Unlock Assassin

My Harsh Paladin

Unlock Paladin

King of Treasure Hunters

Pick up 1000 chests

Lord of the Wardrobe

Collect 10 sets

Pretender Junior

Reach 2000 of rating

Dragon Smiter

Kill the dragon 100 times

Magician in Armor

Unlock 10 set items

Veteran of Battles

Play 1000 sessions

Hero Smiter

Kill 10000 enemy heroes

Legendary Monster Killer

Kill 100000 monsters

Legendary Murderer

Deal 100000000 of damage


Earn 1000000 gold

Serious Pretender

Reach 5000 of rating

Eternal Winner

Win 1000 times

A Thousand Hangouts

Play 1000 battles with friends


Turn into a dragon 100 times

One of the Best

Become one of top 100 in a tournament

Hope of Champions

Reach 10000 of rating

A Live Legend

Play 50 000 sessions

Master of Artifacts

Unlock 100 set items


Turn into a dragon 10 times

Master of Fighting

Play 10 000 sessions