NotGTAV achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Cael Oddi Fy Tir

Play as Daffyd for the first time.

Twiddling the Bits

Visit the options screen.

Hello, my name is Kenneth.

Met Kenneth, the manager of Lidl, Swidon!

Comm Plete Wy Als Lev Al

Complete Wales.

wot u lookin at

Play as Darren for the first time.

Big Deal

Complete Swindon.

Once For Each Year

Die as David Cameron 5 times in the same game.

Something from the Salad Bar

Get sliced by the harvester.

Taking it From Behind

Hit the Shagging Campers from the top.

ReElection Special

Dies as David Cameron another 5 times in the same game.

Tally Ho!

Play as David for the first time.

Search and Destroy

Destroy the first piece of evidence.

Seek and Eliminate

Destroy the second piece of evidence.

Hunt and Kill

Destroy the third piece of evidence.

Uncover and Cover Up

Destroy the fourth piece of evidence.

Locate and Ruin

Destroy the fifth piece of evidence.

Find and F*** Up

Destroy the sixth piece of evidence.

Now Then, Where Were We?

Destroy the fourteenth piece of evidence.

Sorry, Went For a Cuppa

Destroy the... fourteenth piece of evidence?

Oh I Give Up

All this counting is boring.

That Can't Be Right

Definitely destroy the fourteenth piece of evidence.

Great Traffic Adventure

Complete the Game.

Know Your Enemy

Complete the tour of the M4 corridor.

Splat the Rat

You splat the rat.

The Ex-Wife

Crash into the lake when the body is floating.

Total Clock Up

Crash into Big Ben while it is chiming.


Listen to all the radio stations.

Prison Rules Apply

Kill all the campers before picking up the soap.

A Flaw in the System

Learn the Lidl safe combination.

Mindless Destruction

Destroy all the scenery in the Lidl Car Park.

Jimmy Carr's Accountant

Get caught with only one piece of evidence left to destroy.


Listen to entire rap.

Turn an Eye Blind

Crash into the London Eye while it is spinning fast.

Who Are These Guys!?

In the London Heist crash into any four of the portaits on the walls.

Thamesting Fate

Cross the Thames 50 times without crashing.

Communist Leanings.

Make 100 consecutive left turns in SuperSnake.

Beyond the Possible

Complete any level and its heist on Dark Souls mode.


If... If we could somehow... harness this lightning... channel it... into the flux capacitor... it just might work

Practice Makes Perfect

Complete London without dying.