Tiny Barbarian DX achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 53 unknown)

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Secret Diamond

You found a Secret Diamond!

Muscle Deflection

Scavenger Pancake

Minute Muscles

Last 60 seconds against the horde

Muscle Sunset

Clear Episode 1

Hope You're Happy

There's Nothing Here

The Ape Escape

Clear Episode 2

Cobra Carnival

Defeat Serpent Lord in under 90 seconds

Ape Kill ASAP

Defeat the Ape King in under 50 seconds

I didn't want to play anyway

Gotcha, Guardian!

Kill six Guardian Bees in one level

Feeling Catty

Finish a stage without getting off the cat

Ape Assault

Get 9 apes on screen at once, then kill them

Double Deltoids

Last 2 minutes against the horde

Serpent Swiftness

Clear Episode 1 in under 35 minutes

Cautionary Example

Flatten a Zombie

Inertia Elbow

Healthy & Wealthy

Collect 200 coins in one life

Tiny Got Them All!

Collect all the Secret Diamonds (Ep 1)

Tower Takedown

Clear Episode 3


Knock someone off the caravan

Bee Aggressive

Kill 12 Bees worth 25 points each in a single stage

No Miss Clear (1)

Clear Episode 1 without dying

Never give up!

Let's Bee Friends

Get through the big bee ride without dying

We Have Liftoff

Get launched by the Queen

Shock and Ouch

Electrocute a Tiny Clone

Tiny Got Them All Again!

Collect all the Secret Diamonds (Ep 2)

Jungle Jive

Clear Episode 2 in under 50 minutes

It's Slime Time

Defeat the Blobcat within 45 seconds

No Miss Clear (2)

Clear Episode 2 without dying

Axe Bloody Spray

Beat Axeman in under 35 Seconds

Cruising Home

Clear Episode 4


Fall forever

Frosty Reception

Clear Bonus Episode

Pitmaster Pounding

Beat Pitmaster in under 50 Seconds

Don't Boar Me

Defeat the Cimmerian Boar within 50 seconds

Steep Slope Shooter

Clear 3 inclined stages without dying

This is an Ex Parrot

Defeat the Parrot boss within 75 seconds

Running Cold

Clear Bonus Episode in under 9 minutes

Dog's Best Friend

Don't kill any dogs

No Miss Clear (Bonus)

Clear Bonus Episode without dying

Tiny Got Them All Yet Again!

Collect all the Secret Diamonds (Ep 3)

My Turn Now

Accelerated Ascension

Clear Episode 3 in under 45 minutes

Platform Panic

Clear the long platform ride within 55 seconds

Save Them All!

Don't let the final boss eat anyone

Tiny Got Them All on Ice!

Collect all the Secret Diamonds (Bonus Ep)

No Miss Clear (3)

Clear Episode 3 without dying

Rocket Run

Clear Episode 4 in under 55 minutes

No Miss Clear (4)

Clear Episode 4 without dying

Tiny Got Them All Once More!

Collect all the Secret Diamonds (Ep 4)