Hard West achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Raw Deal

Complete "Hard Times".

Fastest Gun in the West

Kill an enemy in the very first action in a tactical encounter.

Vengeance Served Cold

Complete "As Good as Dead".

Sanity Engineered

Complete "Method in Madness".

The Meaning of Life

Complete "Graveyard Shift".

Through Thick and Thick

Complete "Graveyard Shift" without anyone being hungry at any time.

Daring but Careful

Complete "In Gold We Trust" with no more than 50 peons dead.

Everlasting Fame and Fortune

Complete "In Gold We Trust".

Blind Justice

Kill 10 enemies with blind shots (no line of sight)

Drowned in Blood

Complete "Law & Order".

Double Excellence

Fully develop two technological domains during "Method in Madness".

Aces in the Hole

Assemble the Five of a Kind hand.

His Leniency, The Inquisitor

Complete "Law & Order" having committed at most 2 massacres.

A Gift Scorned

Complete "A Matter of Time".

The Wild Bunch

Use at least 30 different characters during tactical encounters throughout the game.

Requiem for a Gunfighter

Restore order in the Weird West.

Once Upon a Time in the Weird West

Complete all Scenarios.

On Earth, as It Is in Hell

Establish Warren's new world order.

The Shootist

Complete any tactical encounter firing sure shots (100% Chance to Hit) exclusively.

Fight No More Forever

Complete any tactical mission without firing a shot.


Kill an enemy with a bullet ricocheting off at least 3 different objects.

Brimstone Killer

Kill a demon while your character is in demon form.

Scars of Freedom

Complete 'Scars of Freedom'.

Human Resources

Collect at least 75 Ether from enemies fallen in one combat encounter.

Army of Two

Complete the train assault with just Libertee and Phineas in your posse.

Welcome to Hard Times

Complete a single Scenario on Hard difficulty, with both Ironman and Injuries enabled.

The Aspirton Incident

Complete the Aspirton Bank Robbery in "As Good as Dead" before demons arrive.

Sudden Death

Use Equalization in the first combat turn, then complete the mission without raising your characters' Hit Points with items.

High Stakes

Win a liver in a game of dice.

Dr Frankenstein

Complete any of the 'Golem' hands on a character and complete at least one combat encounter with that character.

Arizona Colts

Complete any tactical encounter without firing weapons other than the Rusty Peashooter.

The Searcher

Unlock all Trinkets in the game.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Kill Joaquim Perez with the Cañón Calavera.

Welcome to Even Harder Times

Complete every Scenario on Hard, every Scenario with Injuries and every Scenario with Ironman enabled.

Treasures of the Sierra Madre

Use 25 different usable items at least once.