EARTHLOCK achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Zabirum Seeker

Hogbunny Buddy

Gersween's Nest

The General's Daughter

A Stormdog's bond

The Red-Haired Enigma

Custodian of Scrollroads

Supreme Scavenger

Opened 50 chests

Ancient Sentient Support

House In Order

Gardener of Lango

Harvested 10 000 fruits

Spiritualist of the Sands

Released 50 tormented Ghosts

Art Director

Shielded by Lÿs

Fruits of Labour

Planted one of every critter plant

Festival Masters

Gained Gold Rank in all Tournaments

A Better World

Scavenged all scrap piles

Family Ties

Inside Maáto's Mind

Heroic Hoarder

Released all the barnacles to play on Plumpet Beach

Diligent Hogbunny

Grew a plant in every garden slot

Critter King

Owls of the Nest

Completed the game

Fearless in Karba

Levelled up all Bonds to level 5

Champions of Umbra

Levelled all characters to level 20

Gold Finger

Dug up all treasure zones


Konkylian Custodian

Owl Tide Bestiary

Defeated one of every enemy

Disciple of the Onurasi

Equipped a Talent in every available slot

Great Wave Alumni

Crafted one of every Perk Talent

Lango Plantmaster

Levelled every type of plant to level 3

Master Engineer

Crafted one of every weapon

Well Traveled