8BitMMO achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Game Over

You lose at MMO.

Reach Level 2


Placer of Blocks

Complete Draco's first quest: place five blocks.

Reward Finder

Find one reward block.

Reach Level 3


When you are Potato, anything is possible!

Become potato for great glory of national party!

Dragon Builder

Finish all of Draco's quests.

Please hang up and try again

Be mildly annoyed by a dropped connection or a 2AM SERVER REBOOT FUN TIME.

Reward Scavenger

Find five reward blocks.

You should probably get tested

After getting stabbed by someone with this achievement.

Reach Level 4



Compulsively collect newspapers from 1995, because you might need them later for reasons.

Model Citizen

Join a town.

Important Wiki Edits

Write fanfiction that involves a crossover between citizens of your town and an obscure 1960's sci-fi television drama.


Complete a trade with another player.


Pretend to read the credits.

Reward Searcher

Find fifteen reward blocks.

Not forever alone

Be popular and admired.

Be the Developer

Write an MMO by yourself for thirteen years.

Options Hero

Spend fifteen minutes in the options screen.

Reach Level 5

Jeez, calm down. That's enough levels already. Now go outside and really live your life. Visit a new place! Learn a new language! Talk to a stranger! Write a novel! Or don't, I'm just an achievement.

Reward Hunter

Find thirty reward blocks.

Reward... who am I kidding, no one will ever get this one

Find EVERY reward block on /rewardblocks (Primary server only!)


Get infected with Zombieism (note, you can't get this from the shop -- you have to be bitten by another player).