Super Turbo Demon Busters! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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First Blood

Kill your first monster

Baptism by Fire

Complete your first raid

Seasoned Fighter

Kill 25 monsters

First Quest

Complete your first quest

Vacation Fund

Earn 5000 credits

By All Means

Search 150 corpses

Gun Nut

Have 10 guns in your arsenal


Level up a mercenary once

Fat Cat

Earn 50,000 credits

Bane of Crates

Break 50 crates

Ghost Buster

Kill 100 ghosts

On the Brink

Kill an enemy while your health is at 1%

Forced March

Complete 50 raids


Kill 1000 enemies

Dawn of the Dead

Kill 250 zombies

Locked and Loaded

Level up a mercenary 20 times

Buckshot Bloodbath

Kill three enemies with a shotgun round

Master Killer

Kill 2500 monsters

War God

Unlock all mercenaries

Gunner from Hell

Kill 250 monsters with a machine gun

Demon Slayer

Kill 5000 monsters

Road to Success

Complete 100 quests


Kill 10,000 enemies

Champion of Humanity

Kill 20,000 monsters