Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Lawgiver Expert

Achieve a Lawgiver Skill of 10 or above

Nowhere to Hide

Use armour piercing rounds

Dibnah Style

Use explosive rounds


Use your Bootknife

Health Kick

Find all the Vitality bonuses

Skysurfing USA

Ride a powerboard

Health Hazard

Arrest a perp for breaking health regs

Lucky Roller

Roll two sixes in a single roll

Mr. Cannibal Creosote

Take down a cannibal with a large appetite

Seconds to Comply

Take down a Robot

Unlucky Roller

Roll two ones in a single roll

Sharp Shooter

Kill three perps in one move


Use ricochet rounds

Rapelling Pro

Abseil down a building and through a window

Throw a Percy

Be responsible for the destruction of a pot-plant

There and Back Again

Enter Harridges from the front and back


Find the ultimate ending in any mode


Get to know all of Sector House 106

Monster Hunter

Kill two unusual creatures

Gambling Risk

Take down a gambling den

Cunning Plan

Find all the blueprints

OAC Skittles

Accidently knock down a group of old folks

Lawmaster Kick

Successfully pull off a Lawmaster Kick

Hardcore Win

Find the ultimate ending in Hardcore mode

Voices of Dredd

Find all the mysterious VoD devices

Stick to the Brief

Kill or arrest all perps connected to data from the briefing room

Mass Arrest

Arrest 5000 perps in one go

Easy Rider

Visit all active locations in Sector 106

Art Heist

Find all the illustrations

Record Finder

Find all the perp records and data