The Jackbox Party Pack achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Drawful: Schmuck of the Draw

Fool every other player with your title of another player's drawing

Drawful: Goodfinger

Draw something that everyone guesses correctly

Fibbage XL: Copycatfishers

Enter the same thing as another player

Fibbage XL: Don't Know What To Believe...

Write a Lie that's actually the Truth

Fibbage XL: Truth Fairies

All players find the truth on a question

Drawful: Show Me The Monet

Win a game by more than 3000 points

Fibbage XL: Politician

Fool every other player with a Lie in a 3+ player game

YDKJ 2015: Take It From Behind

Come from behind to win during the Jack Attack

Drawful: "Art" Connoisseur

Guess every drawing correctly in a game

Lie Swatter: Squish, Nothing But Wet

Play a perfect round

YDKJ 2015: Dat'll Do

Ace a DisOrDat

Word Spud: Group Hug

Play a perfect round where all words get accepted

Word Spud: Word Herd

Play a full 8-player game

Lie Swatter: Blufforgy

Play a game with 10 or more players

Word Spud: Spud Stud

Win three rounds in a row

Lie Swatter: Tri-Swatter

Win three games in a row

Word Spud: Golden Nugget

Type the word "nugget" and get it accepted

Lie Swatter: "What's My Name?" ft. Bugs

Enter one of the 7 bugs' secret names as your name

YDKJ 2015: Drain the Main Brain

Get all of the questions right in an episode

YDKJ 2015: Winventory

Win all Wrong Answer of the Game Prizes