Bitardia achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 37 unknown)

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The Right Way

Pick Anon Mask

Modern Hero

Kill Cancer on the first mission


Take the builder quest

Point of no return

Pick Cancer Mask

The Shawshank redemption

Break out of prison

Straight outta Bitardia

Get to jail after showing the video

I love it!

You have finished the note-finding mission


Take the guard quest

I am a legal alien

Kill cancer on the first mission

Good times, huh?

Served a term in prison


Get arrested for spoiling the stand


Agree to work on Abu

Generation ABU

Kill anons on the first mission

Forbidden love

Finish the "QT 3.14" quest


Rescue the hostage

An exploding sucess

Explode the building


You didn't accept the note-finding mission

I hate these people

Finish the "Hotline Bitardia" quest

Victim of the regime

To die, refusing to work on the Abu


Beat anon in cards

Jon Snow

Finish the "Winter is coming" quest


More than 100 killed on arena

You're no /b/rother to me

Kill anons on the first mission


Get some cash on arena

Direct hit

Get to jail after entering the police station

Spooky Scary /B/itards

Finish a halloween-quests

Lookie, who we have here!

Finish the "Fifth Column" quest

Shut Up And Take My Money!

Buy a pillow for anon

Caravan robba

Rob the caravan

Solid Snake

Get to jail while taking the camera


Get to jail after talking to police

Wheel of Fortune

Finish the "Fifth wheel" quest

Royale With Cheese

Return anon's debt

Let's Be Real

Take care of the hospital

Nothing to Lose

Take care of the bank

Happy New Year!


Finish the "Missing part" quest