A Pixel Story achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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No Skinny Dipping!

Get Dressed For Your Adventure

The Valley

Complete The Valley


Successfully Cache Using The Hat

The Temple

Complete The Temple

The Bayou

Complete The Bayou

The Volcano

Complete The Volcano

The Forest

Complete The Forest

1 Down 14 To Go... Will Your Game Pad Survive

Purchase, Enter And Complete A Challenge Room

The Lab

Complete The Lab

Free The System!

Enter The City And Bring Down The Tyrannical Operator

Hat About A Bit... Possibly A Lot

Use Your Hat To Cache 2048 Times

Sergeant Zzzzz...

Remain Awake Long Enough To Learn The Veteran's Identity

Good Guy Dev Team

A Few Of Our Favourite Things

Scour The System And Find The Iconic Items

The Last Flight Of Metal Gear Charles

Return To The Bayou To Witness The Glorious End Of A Great Mech

For All The Cows

Discover The Secret Identity Of Kelly The Canary

Castle Crasher

Locate And Destroy The Miniature Castles Hidden Across The System

No Coin Left Behind

Find And Collect Every Coin In The System

Gotta Go Fast

Free The Blue Creature And Look At Him Go!

You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Bucking Bacon

For The Love Of Gradius

Input The Sacred Code At The Secret Location

A Strange New World

Complete A Challenge Room With 'A Strange New World' Activated

Impressive... Most Impressive. Now Take On The Death Run

Complete All 15 Challenge Rooms In Story Mode

Party Like Its Cycle 19999999999

The Horrible Truth

Having Fun?

Have You Really Got The Time To Be Bouncing Around In Here?

Memory Full! Now Read The Lore, There Will Be A Test

Find And Collect Every Piece Of Memory Throughout The System.

We Are Stuff... You Don't

Faster Than A Speeding Dev

Free The System Faster Than The Devs

The Sprouting Dead

There's Something Wrong With You!

Complete The Challenge Room Death Run