Alto's Adventure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Your Snow Legs

You completed the tutorial.

Name of the Game

You played one run with Alto.

I Meant To Do That

Your board stuck straight up after a crash. Oops!


You rode for 10,000m (cumulative).

A Wonderful Week

You snowboarded for seven in-game days (cumulative).

Marvellous Maya

You played as Maya.


You rode for 100,000m (cumulative).

Get Back Here!

You recovered 1,000 llamas (cumulative).

Your Pal Paz

You played as Paz.

A Magnificent Month

You snowboarded for 30 in-game days (cumulative).

Ingenious Izel

You played as Izel.


you rode for 1,000,000m (cumulative).

Furry Felipe

You played as Felipe.

Tranquil Tupa

You played as Tupa.

Headstrong Herding

you recovered 10,000 llamas (cumulative).

Mountain Mastery

You completed all 180 goals.

A Year In The Life

You snowboarded for 365 in-game days (cumulative).


you rode for 10,000,000m (cumulative).

Llama Whisperer

You recovered 100,000 llamas (cumulative).

Silver Surfer

You snowboarded for five in-game years (cumulative). Way to go!